Hunter Biden really knows how to manage a “loan,” it appears. According to a new report, in 2020, Hunter got a $250,000 “loan” from a Chinese executive, but instead of paying it back, he gave the debt to his lawyer, who is paying it back with his own money.

Let me be crystal clear here. The lawyer is not paying the loan back as a representative of Hunter Biden and using Hunter’s accounts to pay the loan back.

The lawyer is paying Hunter’s debt INSTEAD of Hunter paying his debt!

Who wouldn’t want a sugar daddy lawyer like that?

Per Just the News:

Hunter Biden received a $250,000 loan from a Chinese businessman just three months after his father launched his 2020 presidential campaign, and he later transferred the debt to a Hollywood lawyer he befriended, according to evidence gathered by federal and congressional investigators.

The House Oversight Committee first disclosed a few weeks ago that Hunter Biden had gotten a $250,000 wire in July 2019 and used his father’s address in Delaware for the transfer. It was one of the later known foreign payments that Hunter Biden received before he fell on hard times.

Documents gathered by federal law enforcement and reviewed by Just the News show Hunter Biden considered the wire to be a July 25, 2019 “loan” from Xiangsheng “Jonathan” Li, a Chinese businessman whom he had been doing business with for over a decade when they created an investment fund under the name Bohai Harvest RST (BHR).

After Joe Biden became president, the records show, Hunter Biden transferred the debt to Kevin Morris, a Hollywood lawyer whom he befriended after they met at a November 2019 Joe Biden campaign fundraiser in Los Angeles.

This fake loan was “assumed” by Morris on Nov. 17, 2021, the report states.

The big gift from lawyer Morris is just one of many such gifts this guy has given Hunter, totaling MILLIONS of dollars. Just the News has a very long list of other examples at the link above.

It is hard to say what Morris is getting out of this. But it has to be substantial.

This is how Hunter Biden has scammed his way through life. And he belongs in jail.


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