Writer Alain Bonnet, who goes the non de plume  Alain Soral, has been sentenced to 60 days in prison, and LGBTQ groups are celebrating.

Mr. Bonnet called an LGBTQ Lesbian journalist a fat lesbian. Swiss law claims that’s a significant crime.

Per the N.Y. Post:

On Monday, French-Swiss polemicist Alain Bonnet, who goes by Alain Soral, was sentenced by the Lausanne court for the crimes of defamation, discrimination and incitement to hatred after he criticized Catherine Macherel, a journalist for Swiss newspapers Tribune de Geneve and 24 Heures, in a Facebook video two years ago.

“This court decision is an important moment for justice and rights of LGBTQI people in Switzerland,” said Murial Waeger, co-director of a lesbian activist group. “The conviction of Alain Soral is a strong signal that homophobic hatred cannot be tolerated in our society.”

What a horrible crime. The Swiss don’t believe in the old parable about sticks and stones. Soral also called Catherine Macherel a “queer activist” and called her “unhinged” in a social media video, See what I mean? Sixty days in jail for that offense is nothing. He should have been given the death penalty. After all, free speech isn’t allowed in the despotic country of Switzerland.

OMG, will they try to extradite me for calling them despotic and put me in jail for 60 days?

Fox reported: “In addition to the prison time, Soral was subsequently ordered to pay legal fees and fines totaling thousands of Swiss francs.”

To give some perspective, those Swiss Francs have almost the same worth as the U.S. dollar,1OO U.S. dollars = 91.47  Swiss Francs.

Soral’s attorney is astounded at the ruling:

Pascal Junod, a lawyer for Soral, mockingly blasted the conviction for a “crime of opinion” in an email to The Associated Press. He said the case aimed to probe whether a person had “sinned against the dogmas of single thought.”

Soral will appeal to Swiss federal court and “if necessary” to the European Court of Human Rights, his lawyer added.

I wonder If Macherel responded to Alain Bonnet’s criticism with the popular response about a nose and rubber hose, would she be thrown In jail? Probably not. Macherel is being punished for damaging the “rights of LGBTQI people in Switzerland,” In other words, Switzerland doesn’t allow freedom of speech or believe in equal rights under the law.

I am thrilled I don’t live there.