Tom Homan is no gullible rookie when it comes to the border. He served under 6 Presidents. He saw great success at locking down the border under Trump — even though he took a lot of heat for it from the open-border Democrats.

If anyone has the authority and gravitas to weigh in on what’s really going on under the Biden regime with the collapse of the border, it’s Tom Homan.

When called upon to do exactly that, he does NOT disappoint.

He came ready with chapter and verse about precisely what’s wrong and what needs to change.

Within months, we went from the most secure border in his lifetime to HISTORIC illegal immigration.

As for the left’s way of being ‘moral’ and ‘compassionate’? He’s got some cold, hard facts to show what a lie THAT is, too.

If we know what percentage of these women suffer sexual abuse during their journey, if we know about forced labor and debt bondage… what happens to the quantities of those victims when the flow of illegal crossers either slows down or accelerates?

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