Who says it’s only American liberals who advocate for violence. On Monday, the Chorlton Brewing Company, a beer company based in Manchester in the UK, tweeted that his fellow crazy liberals should hit “fascists” (a term they reserve for anyone to the right of Bernie Sanders) over the head with bricks. And the response on Twitter was not friendly.

Chorlton’s tweet was withdrawn. But the tweet was captured for posterity and can be seen here and below:

“Note to our customers: please don’t throw our beer over fascists. Hit them over the head with a brick as is traditional,” the company said on Twitter.

Apparently, the tweet was sent in response to news that someone threw a milkshake at the right-wing Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage who is not a fascist.


One would think that after getting caught (and withdrawing the tweet) the beer company back down and apologize. Not these idiots!  Instead, the company doubled down, with the owner suggesting that violence against those to the right of center is perfectly acceptable.

Based on his answer,  it seems as if Mr. Marcus drank too much of his own product, and he appears to be a very nasty drunk.

After advocating bloody violence against those with a different point of view, the company whined when it allegedly received a “threat” by email which  read, “You people are asking for trouble.”

Well, from a marketing point of view, Marcus was asking for trouble. But Is that really a threat? Or is Mr. Marcus still looped? Based on the Twitter reaction, most people are voting for the looped option.

At least he looks it

chorlton brewing company

Nothing wrong with that suggestion.  Hey, hold my Bud, please.

People also attacked their beer. I’ve never tried it, but I bet it belongs in the skunky beer aisle.

The ASPCA must be happy that they give jobs to cats.


That guy offered very sage advice,

Marcus broke the first rule of marketing and sales, NEVER put down customers or potential customers, I would not be surprised if the sales of his beer decline.

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