Funny things always happen to Bill and Hillary Clinton, friends have this nasty habit of turning up dead. We all gotta go sometimes, but the Clinton’s buddies seem to go under weird circumstances (and many by suicide).

My friend Tami Jackson compiled a list and description of 47 Clinton friends whose deaths seemed a bit odd. We ran part onepart two and part three two months ago that brought us the first 30. Now she has completed the final 17 which she will run in three segments, one this week and two next.

Tami Writes

In 2013 all of America sensed that Hillary Clinton was gearing up for a presidential run. In spite of her abysmal failure as Secretary of State — underscored by the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Information Officer Sean Smith, and two CIA operatives, Former SEALs Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods in the Benghazi attack — Mrs. Clinton set her eye on the Commander-in-Chief 2016 vacancy.


Thus, I began what was a series based on an email of 47 deaths of friends, employees, and co-workers of the Clintons. Younger voters most likely have no knowledge of Bill and Hillary’s infamous past in Arkansas: this series is meant to fill in the background, to paint the real picture of a focused couple, doggedly determined to acquire ever-more power, no matter the cost.


Investigative journalism is no easy task, facts must be verified, names and dates substantiated. And digging up the actual facts surrounding the deaths of these Clinton associates is made more difficult by fact that almost all of them were killed/died in unfortunate accidents prior to internet coverage.


Also of note, after each article in this series I received messages and emails from law enforcement officers in Arkansas, Missouri, and Texas, cautioning me to be safe. One sheriff kept in touch for a year, checking on me weekly. I reminded all of those kind souls that I have a network of special forces friends, I pray, and I pack heat. I was very touched by their concern and it further bolstered the authenticity of my research and writing.


Now, three years since Part 1 was published, Hillary is on the cusp of her life’s ambition, and Bill is is hankering to be the First Husband, ensconced in the White House with a new set of perky interns and a box of My Father Le Bijou 1922s.


So it’s high time I wrap up this series of articles and do my level best to unveil the intrigue surrounding this would-be First Couple.


Again I must emphasize: no one is asserting William Jefferson Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton ordered hits. I am only asking people to read the articles and ask themselves, “What are the probabilities that a normal person would have this many friends and employees die suspicious deaths?” Those “casualties” who were not friends or employees, often had inside information concerning the Clintons or some of the other “fortuitous” deaths.


Keep that question foremost in your mind as you take in these facts.


One more thing. Also keep a mental tally of the network of nefarious people, people of dubious character connected to and surrounding the Clintons. Medical examiners, judges, prosecuting attorneys…a web of ne’er-do-wells seem to rub elbows with the Clintons.


Now on with the morbid tally.

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