A New York Post column from this past weekend is creating quite a stir, surmising that two-time presidential failure, Hillary Clinton, is secretly planning another run for the White House.

Columnist Michael Goodwin cited a recent history of Clinton urging protests, sending out fundraising emails after significant political news breaks, and “touting her super PAC’s role in combating President Trump” as evidence.

That organization, Onward Together, is what Goodwin describes as “a Clinton 2020 campaign vehicle in waiting.”

It’s hard not to concur that Hillary hasn’t moved on from her historic loss, and is instead ready to take another shot at breaking the glass ceiling.

She’s even taken to flying with peasants in public, showing that she is a woman of the people.

Oh, it’s happening people. Are you prepared for Trump v. Clinton again in 2020?

Some supporters of President Trump are actually welcoming the possibility with open arms.

The President’s son, Donald Trump Jr., said prayers are up for that scenario.


Conservative actor James Woods offered an even funnier response to Clinton’s political aspirations in 2020, posting a photo of the famously accident-prone Democrat in a suit of bubble wrap.

Clinton, whose most famous memory from her 2016 run was probably the header she took into the Scooby Van, is notorious for having difficulty navigating simple tasks.

She also, relatively recently, fractured her wrist after slipping in a bathtub at a palace in India.

Woods offered up several more tweets echoing Trump Jr.’s desire to see Clinton make another run as the Democrat nominee for President.


Why are Trump supporters so anxious to see Hillary on the other side of the debate stage again? Perhaps it’s the fact that her approval ratings are abysmal, actually getting worse after the American people rejected her last time around.

Or maybe they just want to see another epic collapse like they saw in 2016.

President Trump tweeted this little reminder of what’s in store for Clinton, her supporters, and the media should she run again in 2020.


Will the “resistance” result in another catastrophic attempt at the Presidency for Hillary Clinton? Or will the third time be the charm?

Only time will tell. But President Trump will likely relish the opportunity to run against Hillary Clinton again in 2020. With the economy booming, and the President’s popularity on the rise, Hillary Clinton wouldn’t stand a chance of winning in two years.


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