The ‘Democratic Socialists of America’ are a political movement that has been striking fear into the hearts of more traditional Democrats… threatening to primary anyone who doesn’t march lockstep with their demands.

As you might be able to tell from the positions of Bernie Sanders and ‘The Squad’, DSA has been very invested in the Pro-Palestine, ‘Israel is Evil’ narrative.

But actions have consequences… and Harvard isn’t the only one feeling a backlash for finding themselves on the wrong side of the Gaza protests. The DSA is bleeding red ink in a BIG way.

The DSA — which has led protests against Israel over the Jewish state’s retaliatory response to Hamas’ Oct. 7 terror attack — is deep in a seven-figure hole and desperately in need of a way to stanch the red ink, members acknowledge.

“We will cut $500,000 from staff-related expenses. We will first ask for volunteers from both director-level and bargaining unit staff to have their position cut and receive severance,” according to a proposal advanced by members of DSA’s National Political Committee affiliated with its Marxist Bread and Roses caucus.
[…] “The current deficit will force us to make 7-figure budget cuts. This will require us to make painful decisions that will impact all levels of the organization. … Given our current financial state, we do not believe we can have a healthy, democratic, and effective organization while spending the amount we currently do on staff,” they said.

“If necessary, we will then explore initiating lay-offs according to the DSA union’s contract. Be it resolved: The Personnel Committee will be responsible for determining the quantity and type of positions to be eligible for buy-out or layoff, and they will assist with logistics and a staff transition plan,” the group said. — New York Post

Why are they suddenly broke? The Socialists bit the hand that feeds them.

Not all ‘progressive’ groups share the DSA’s antipathy for Israel.

When you piss your benefactors off, they tend to leave… and bring their money with them.

The Ivy League learned this the hard way.

As for the Democratic Socialists of America? You could say, class is in session.

Will they learn? Hard to say. Wanna-be Soviets have never been great at learning lessons in economics… for some reason. They’re a little like the old joke about the arrogant captain of the battleship demanding that the lighthouse get out of their way.

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