Hillary Clinton is attacking Donald Trump for saying  he would get rid of gun-free zones in schools on his first day in office, claiming that Trump’s suggestion was simply a “pander to the gun lobby.”  Ms. Clinton’s criticism of Trump raises the question of whether she believes her husband, former POTUS Bubba Clinton pandered to the “gun lobby” because over sixteen years ago then-president Bill Clinton, suggested putting armed cops (or other trained armed guards) in schools.

In April 2000 as part of his commemoration of the first anniversary of deaths at Columbine High School in his weekly radio speech President Bubba announced $120 million in grants, much of it for a program to place police officers with guns in schools.

As the Associated Press reported at the time:

“In our national struggle against youth violence we must not fail our children; our future depends on it,” the president said in his weekly radio address.

Parents, teens, teachers, youth workers and others will discuss research that indicates the preteen years set patterns for behavior and success in adulthood. Other subjects will include the risks, challenges and anxieties faced by young people today and what can be done to avoid dangerous or risky behavior.

“We need to talk about safety and security in every house in America,” Clinton said.


(…) Clinton also unveiled the $60-million fifth round of funding for “COPS in School,” a Justice Department program that helps pay the costs of placing police officers in schools to help make them safer for students and teachers. The money will be used to provide 452 officers in schools in more than 220 communities.

“Already, it has placed 2,200 officers in more than 1,000 communities across our nation, where they are heightening school safety as well as coaching sports and acting as mentors and mediators for kids in need,” Clinton said.

SHHHHH! Please don’t tell the liberals that Clinton supported putting armed cops in schools It might cause their heads to explode…or even worse It might make them to think of other ways to protect our kids without denying people their 2nd Amendment rights, instead of simply politicizing the issue.

Bill Clinton’s radio address on the subject is embedded below: