Hawley has no patience

If Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm came to the congressional oversight hearings thinking she could get away with regurgitating Joe Biden’s talking points about Putin price hikes, she soon learned differently.

Senator Josh Hawley was not about to let her lay that at Putin’s feet.

He had energy price hike facts and figures that long predated Putin’s violation of Ukraine’s border. And he had a specific list of policies enacted in Joe Biden’s first few days in office that directly impacted those energy prices.

Here he is holding her feet to the fire.

But lest you think Biden’s anti-energy policies are not taking effect across EVERY federal agency pushing his agenda, here is a shocking exchange between possibly the only elected pro-energy Democrat still in office and Biden’s Secretary of the Interior Department.


The Blaze reports

“Secretary Haaland, you all just put out a statement, the U.S. Department of Interior just put out a statement, and the statement basically says, ‘A proposed program is not a decision to issue specific leases or to authorize any drilling or development,’” Manchin said.

“This is from y’all’s office,’” he explained. “So it looks like you are gonna shut everything down. Did you know y’all put this out?”

“I, I, I, I — I’m sorry, I’m sitting in this hearing, and not —” Haaland stumbled.

“My God — this shuts it down,” Manchin shot back. “It shows what your intent is.”

As with policies pushed by so many other authoritarian zealots, the pain produced by these policies is the point. If you continue doing things they don’t like — like using fossil fuel as an energy source — it’s gonna cost you dearly.

They already know they can’t win your hearts. They plan to break your backs until you have no choice but to comply.

They really don’t care HOW the job gets done or how much people might suffer along the way, so long as their agenda wins.

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Hawley has no patience