By Conor Coughlin

Have California’s progressive politicians already begun marketing “exemption” clauses to their cronies for political protection from a non-existent ban on natural gas? When Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm was recently caught scheming with the Rocky Mountain Institute on a plan to ban natural-gas appliances in America, the Dept of Energy quickly denied that claim. Congress hadn’t passed any laws to ban the use of natural gas, so all those stories must be part of some Russian disinformation campaign to influence U.S. elections.

Legacy media didn’t want Americans to know that the Obama/Biden regime had flipped all energy policies upside-down as part of Smart Energy policies that were so freaking dumb that only a mindless bureaucrat would pretend they made any sense. U.S. citizens had to be kept in the dark about the schizophrenic nature of the DOE’s efforts to increase the export of Liquid Natural Gas, which was a very real policy decision. Using Orwellian double-speak, the DOJ, FBI, and State Dept lawyers turned a blind eye to this known fact and then embraced the Big Lie as if it had never happened.

The DOE under the Obama regime had commissioned NERA Economic Consulting to study the Macroeconomics of increasing LNG exports, which found that action would hurt America’s economic interest. Another third-party study also showed that increasing U.S. LNG exports was a lousy policy compared to a No Export scenario. DOE officials knew it would increase incomes for a few large natural gas producers but undermine our industrial sector output and reduce wages for American workers. Rather than follow the science, DOE made up its own to help Obama keep his campaign promise for a “plan to skyrocket electrical rates” to shower prosperity on the creatures residing in the D.C. Swamp. If you follow the money, it will often lead directly back to ventures involving non-existent laws, policies, or practices of business activities exclusive to the government’s green business industry. Which do not conform to our Uniform Commercial Code or any normal business practices.

None of those corrupt enterprises are more controversial than the EPA ENERGY STAR®, which is a government-backed symbol for a public/private partnership that recently “certified” a new Smart Grid product line that could be worth potentially trillions of dollars to EPA partners. The science for the EPA’s new Smart Home Energy Management System was provided by the Office of Electricity, which was originally set up to protect America’s electrical grid from hostile foreign players, but somehow selected a South Korean multi-national corporation as its first supplier for its Smart Grid system.

Smart Grid meters have the potential to be the ultimate spy tool for the Deep State, which explains why the media has censored all debate on the topic of the massive violations of civil rights that have been allowed under the Patriot Act. The Smart Grid meter is not a product people would voluntarily buy; it must be mandated for use by the government. Which will be using your Social Justice credit score to determine which EPA-approved products you are authorized to purchase from your local electrical provider. This is the type of major economic issue our U.S. Constitution would authorize advice and consent from our elected U.S. Senators. Not a bunch of crooked bureaucrats.

Suppression of news coverage on major political events like this had become commonplace long ago, like when three state governors signed on to the West Coast Governors Global Warming Initiative. Those governors rejected sound science back in 2003, then claimed their states would conform to the directives of the U.N.’s Kyoto Protocols. But failed to inform their constituents about their new initiative. The very purpose of the West Coast Governors scam was to by-pass our U.S. Constitution and deny the will of the people in California that had just recalled Governor Gray Davis for allowing utilities and Federal Power Marketing Agencies to engage in phony “Power Trades” and “Fiber Swaps” that drove up electric rates on the West Coast by 50%.

Lawyers for corporate environmental groups were pretending to have the science to beat Global Warming but claimed that some greedy Knuckle-Dragging Neanderthals were standing in the way of progress. The political elites didn’t care about why Governor Gray Davis was recalled from office or the scientific evidence considered by highly-qualified staff working for the U.S. Senators that decided to reject the Kyoto Protocols. These Progressive thinkers trusted the DOE science propping up the ENERGY STAR program, which they planned to market as a global investment opportunity.

We now have the DOE pushing its Energy Earthshots Initiative, which has bureaucrats pretending to be on a new mission that vaguely resembles their old Save Energy Now program. That $100 billion boondoggle funded 200 “industrial assessments” by staff at major universities but didn’t appear to have gone toward purchasing even a single piece of technology. That program was used as the vehicle to drive the hard-core Marxist philosophies onto the campuses of our educational system. If you were unaware of that pathetic DOE program, you would have also been clueless about Obama’s EPA: Lead By Example guidelines. Those guidelines directed bureaucrats to claim that ENERGY STAR® products were now saving 25% to 50% more electricity than similar products. It was an easily provable lie, but it had officially turned EPA’s “certified” energy efficiency into a multi-billion dollar commodity marketed exclusively by ENERGY STAR®. This EPA commodity may have less credibility than FTX crypto-currencies, but nobody is allowed to challenge the math and science of their lucrative brand.

If conservatives and Tea Party members want to understand why they were targeted by the IRS back during the Obama era, consider visiting the Dept of Energy website. The Biden regime has downloaded massive amounts of data hidden from the public for decades, which will enlighten and educate the average citizen on many issues. Be sure to visit the DOE’s new Clean Energy Corp program and watch their dramatic new video, which appears geared towards attracting a pubescent workforce seeking to become highly-paid Certified Climate Change Professionals®. If you’re a comic looking for some fresh material to generate a few laughs, nothing could be more comical than the concept of a certified Climate Change Official. These professionals are highly trained in the Core Competencies of a Certification Agent, which might make them qualified to estimate imaginary energy-saving values. Just don’t ask these officials about the source of the science they use to verify those extraordinary values. They’ll probably reach for their latest paycheck stub to present as proof of their total lack of core competencies in science.


Conor Coughlin created the platform in 2015 for Independent News & Dialog In order to expose widespread government fraud surrounding the EPA’s scientific research programs for government “certified’ electrical energy efficiency.