Imagine crossing the Atlantic to pick up passengers and take them home, only to find the airport you were landing at had parked trucks across the runway to keep you from landing. Guayaquil Airport

When Ecuador said they would be closing their borders to European countries, one mayor wasn’t playing around.

Here’s helicopter footage of an airport in Ecuador actively blocking their landing strip to keep a rescue flight from Spain from landing at their airport

They did so on the Mayor’s orders. Here’s a walk-through of what’s been happening, with several videos.



4) @Iberia flight flew to Quito to land, approximately 50 minutes away. This crew-only, passenger-less @KLM aircraft from Madrid (video below) was also denied landing and diverted to Quito—posing no threat of COVID-19. Travelers will not be able to leave Ecuador for Europe.

Let’s hope we figure out a resolution to this sickness soon, so we can all get back to our ordinary lives.