The Washington Post is at it again, publishing fake news aimed at harming the Trump administration. This time it is “reporter” Greg Miller who published an “interview” with John Bolton’s former chief of staff, Fred Fleitz but falsified some of his answers while changing the context of others.

Fleitz is the Senior VP for the Center for Security Policy. He was the Former Chief of Staff to Ambassador John Bolton, a former member of the House Intel Committee Staff, and the former colleague of mine (Jeff) at  I can attest to the fact that Fred Fleitz is very clued into what is going on with U.S. foreign policy, the actions of our friends and enemies throughout the world, and that he is a stand-up guy.

Miller contacted Fleitz to quiz him on Trump’s relationship with the U.S intelligence community. But right at the outset, Fleitz could tell that Miller intended to write a hit piece not matter what Fleitz said.

Worse, according to Fleitz, the Washington Post writer outright misquoted Fleitz time and again and wrote a slanted piece attacking Trump despite what Fleitz told him about that relationship.

Fleitz posted a December 11 Twitter thread to relate the fake news Miller wrote.

According to Fleitz’s testimony on Twitter:

A very misleading fake news piece by Washington Post writer Greg Miller. He ignored most of what I told him in an on-the-record interview and misrepresented the few quotes from me that he used.

It was clear when Miller started our phone interview that the outcome of this piece was a foregone conclusion. He wasn’t interested in my assessment, based on my work in the NSC, that Donald Trump ‘s relationship with the U.S. intelligence community is going well and has dramatically improved.

I tried to explain to Miller that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, National Security Advisor John Bolton and CIA chief Gina Haspel have done an excellent job in repairing the damage done to the intelligence community’s relationship with Trump and restoring the president’s confidence in the intelligence community.

Miller included the below text that did not accurately reflect what I told him. I was very clear that current and former intelligence community officers — especially former CIA Director John Brennan did enormous damage to the intelligence community’s relationship with Trump by their repeated attacks on him in the media.

Trump’s defenders said his relationship with the intelligence community (IC) has improved over the past year, in part because of the departure of leaders who had held senior jobs under President Barack Obama.

“The president had understandable reservations about the IC,” said Fred Fleitz, a former intelligence officer who served in the White House under national security adviser John Bolton for several months this year.

“The good news is that Mike Pompeo and John Bolton have been resolving this problem and restoring the president’s confidence in the IC,” Fleitz said.

I noted that these attacks included current and former intelligence community officers claiming during the campaign in the summer of 2016 that they would refuse to brief Trump. I said John Brennan ‘s vicious smears of Trump have been very damaging to the intelligence community.

I also noted to Miller that there was no outcry from former or current intelligence community officers when Senator Harry Reid said in August 2016 that intelligence community officers should give Trump fake intelligence briefings.

Miller also did not accurately report what I told him about intelligence the President receives from John Bolton. I said Bolton is a real asset to the President because he reads and absorbs so much information and relays some of this to Mr. Trump.

Overall, this piece by Miller is 100% fake news. Donald Trump has a good relationship with the intelligence community. The prior lousy relationship has been fixed. And Miller could not bring himself to admit that Bolton is one of the intelligence community’s best customers.

Here is the full Twitter thread:

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