All throughout the 1960s and 70s, the greenies and envirowackos claimed that the earth was on the way toward being “overpopulated.” It was just another wild claim from the leftist climate change nuts that the earth was doomed. But now we know for a fact that they were wrong.

The latest review of worldwide birth rates shows that most nations are seeing a decline in birth rates, and it is so bad in some nations that they aren’t even replacing the citizens who have died.

Per Breitbart News:

The “population bomb” thesis derives its name from the sensationalistic, and later thoroughly discredited, 1968 book by Stanford University entomologist Paul Ehrlich. Ehrlich’s fanciful book touched off a worldwide overpopulation panic, presenting grim scenarios of imminent mass starvation and resource shortages that did not come to pass. He was also a pioneer of the junk science movement, which used flimsy research and sensationalistic hypotheses to stampede public policy changes.

Despite being discredited, Ehrlich’s silly proclamations have been repeated over and over again by the left. Though they haven’t been touting the nonsense lately because they are now enamored with their new global warming religion, they have never rebuked the claims.

In other words, folks, we can make babies again

But the new study has now 100 percent debunked the “population bomb” claims.

The Club of Rome study published on Monday, conducted by a consortium of environmental and economic research organizations, could prove to be the final defusing of Ehrlich’s population bomb.

According to the study, earlier United Nations predictions of the human population reaching ten billion in the coming century were wildly incorrect. Instead, the global population will, the study found, peak at about 8.8 billion in the middle of the century — rising from about 7.8 billion today — and decline rapidly afterward.

The left lied again.

All they ever do is lie.

But Rodney Dangerfeld understands the good side

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