Director Wray has fought like Hell to keep certain information out of the hands of GOP oversight. That plan didn’t anticipate Grassley having an unredacted version copy of it.

From the beginning of House GOP exercising oversight — going back as far as banks refusing to share information about suspicious transaction reports in the previous Congress — we have seen coordinated attempts to suppress certain information while making OTHER information, ordinarily privileged, available to hostile parties.

Politically, this practice has been entirely one-sided and to the advantage of Democrats and the detriment of the GOP. What we DO know is mainly because of Hunter’s laptop, some whistleblowers, the testimony of old associates, and, of course, those pesky bank records. “Follow the money” indeed!

Supporters would be hard-pressed to come up with any non-partisan explanation for why Christopher Wray would — after fighting to the very cusp of Contempt of Congress charges — present a copy of the requested forms with a very unusual redaction.

We understand the redactions of anything that might expose ‘methods and sources.’ But it’s far harder to explain redacting content that Grassley called out Wray for failing to disclose in his ‘compliance’ with the Subpoena.

What did Christopher Wray keep hidden under unnecessary redactions?

Senator Grassley had the original document… and Wray clearly did NOT realize that this copy did NOT hide these redacted parts Wray tried to keep under wraps.

This means the redactions were not the secret Wray may have THOUGHT they were. Hiding those details did more to expose a cover-up than it did to shield Biden.

And now Wray’s been caught with his pants down (not

The Senator called out allegations in which a foreign party claimed to have recordings of conversations with both Joe and Hunter Biden (2 and 15 recorded conversations, respectively) in which the whistleblower claimed to have bribed the Bidens with a total of $10 Million.