Per City Journal, the woke movement’s latest ridiculous assault on the English Language comes from a private school on the island of Manhattan:  Grace Church school

The Grace Church School in Manhattan, for example, offers a 12-page guide to “inclusive language,” [embedded at the bottom of  this post] which discourages people from using the word “parents”—“folks” is preferred—or from asking questions like “what religion are you?” (When asked for comment, Rev. Robert M. Pennoyer II, the assistant head of school, replied: “Grace is an Episcopal school. As part of our Episcopal identity, we recognize the dignity and worth common to humanity.” He added that the guide comes “from our desire to promote a sense of belonging for all of our students.”

This crazy Grace school guide recommends changing family terms. Because they might hurt feelings. per the guide, ” Families are formed and structured in many ways. At Grace Church School, we use inclusive language that reflects this diversity. It’s important to refrain from making assumptions about who kids live with, who cares for them, whether they sleep in the same place every night, whether they see their parents, etc.

Thus, the kindergarten through 12th-grade kids who go to the school should be using terms such as “grown-ups,” “folks,” “family,” or “guardians” instead of “mom,” “dad,” and “parents.” To their friends who attend different schools, it will seem as if they are speaking a foreign language.

The guide also changes traditional gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, and faith. For those who object to the term ‘happy holidays,’ the Grace School guide says that term is taboo. Merry Christmas is still bad. The Episcopal school wants people to say, “have a nice break.”

Oh, and kids can no longer have boyfriends or girlfriends. No, this is not a lesson in chastity. It’s semantic suicide. When a 12-year-old boy likes a 12-year-old girl, he doesn’t ask her to be her girlfriend—he should ask her to be her “partner” or “significant other.” She had better go to the Grace school, otherwise, she will think he’s nuts.

Supposedly this guide was issued to foster a sense of belonging for the kids–horse poop! This silly game of woke semantics will divide the Grace students from friends and family who use the terms spoken by most of the rest of the country.

Read the full guide below and try not to gag.

Inclusive language guide by Jeffrey Dunetz on Scribd

Grace Church school