Gavin Newsom took an ‘L’ with the latest ‘Assault Rifle’ ruling. He took ANOTHER ‘L’ when he tried to rail against the judge who handed down the ruling.

For the ruling itself, where a judge overturned an ‘assault weapons ban’ you can look at the story written here.

With this ruling in favor of lawful gun ownership, Newsome is crying like a toddler who had his favorite toy taken away. And he’s looking for someone to blame.

He’s raging at the NRA.

He’s questioning the judge’s integrity.

There is one place he’s NOT looking for answers. It’s exactly the place you would predict a Democrat NOT to look.

He’s not looking at actions taken by his own team.

Newsom is raging against the decision handed down by a judge. The problem with that complaint is that the ruling he hates so much relies on language offered by the State’s own legal team.

Community notes in this one mention that this ‘right-wing judge’ was approved by such right-wing firebrands as Feinstein and Barbra Boxer.


But wait, there’s more!

Here is some helpful context that’s been attached to Newsom’s tweet:

The tweet has two images. The first includes the Governor’s formal statement in response to the ruling:

His key objection, the comparison between a bowie knife and an assault weapon is highlighted in red.

The second image has some very similar language in it. The tweet links THIS decision from which it’s quoted.


The counter-argument being offered is that the AG never referenced the bowie-knife in this case and that language is from a prior case and not the current one.

Even if we were to take that counter-argument at face value, it point ignores one significant fact: our courts rely on precedent, and Newsom’s AG was more than happy to link the rationale behind ‘Assault Weapons’ and ‘Bowie knives’ when it suited his purposes.

The tweet doesn’t actually state which case the AG’s office raised this comparison in… only that they were the ones to raise it first.


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