Gov. Hogan

Democrat governors aren’t the only wanna-be tyrants out there.  Republicans are just as capable of ignoring the Constitution when it suits them.  On Monday, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, a Republican, announced a police unit to seek out citizens who violate COVID restrictions. His stunning excuse for this Big Brother-like action was that there is “no constitutional right to walk around without a mask.”

According to WBALTV:

“This situation is dire,” Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski said. “We will continue to use the full authority granted to us by Gov. Hogan’s executive orders and to us by our county charter to protect our residents.”

The MDSP is expanding its COVID-19 Compliance and Coordination Center and deploying “High Visibility Compliance Units” across the state, Hogan said. Additional troopers will be assigned in every county to work in partnership with locals to investigate any reports of violations of state law.

Beginning Wednesday, state troopers will support local authorities with compliance checks, with a focus on educating the public about existing orders and protocols, preventing super-spreading events, and assisting in enforcement actions when necessary.

Beginning Thanksgiving Eve, these “high visibility compliance units” will be in popular downtown and Main Street areas throughout the state.

Maryland State Police will operate a 24/7 phone line and email address to support local compliance teams and help Marylanders with any questions on the state orders and restrictions and enforcement. Yes, enforcement. You see, just like Oregon’s despotic governor, Kate Brown, Hogan wants residents to snitch on their neighbors.

REPORT NON-COMPLIANCE: Effective immediately, the MDSP is operating a 24/7 phone line and email address to support local compliance teams in the field with questions regarding existing orders and enforcement.

The MDSP is also ramping up the COVID Prevention Hotline. Marylanders who see unlawful behavior are encouraged to report it…

Hogan announced the move and made this statement:

Of course, there’s no Constitutional right to walk around without a mask. It says so in the Constitution, right under where it says there is a right to free healthcare, free internet, you don’t have to pay for your student loans, the right to have at least 100 channels on your cable network—not!

What Hogan is ignoring is that the Constitution does not grant the rights to the people. It restricts the government from taking any rights away from the people. And Hogan’s new truth squad sounds an awful lot like a violation of the 4th Amendment, which begins,  The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated.

Truth be told, I wear a mask every time I leave my house, not because the CDC or Governor Cuomo says I should but because I believe it’s the best way to protect my health and the health of my family. At the same time, I “social distance” from people not wearing a mask. It’s my choice as I believe wearing or not wearing a mask is an individual’s choice.

Parts of this post was first seen at Conservative Firing Line

Gov. Hogan