Former president Donald Trump has been disparaging Florida governor DeSantis since he threw his hat into the GOP primary ring. Perhaps Trump should have targeted someone else. On the first of February, Nikki Haley sent a letter to her supporters inviting them to a “special announcement” on February 15th at Charleston Visitor Center.  According to major sources, that “special announcement” is she is running for the Republican Presidential nomination.

Haley was a conservative governor of South Carolina for six years. She ran her state as a conservative.

With her executive experience, Haley earned her foreign policy stripes as a strong ambassador to the UN.

During her two-year UN tenure, she had many accomplishments, for example:

One of her first orders of business was the successful unanimous U.N. Security Council Resolution 2356 in June 2017 that sanctioned economically a list of individuals and entities that were engaged in or providing support for North Korea’s nuclear program. This squelched financial support for the North Korean regime.

Even more remarkable was the fact that she secured another unanimous signal — this one, U.N. Security Council Resolution 2371 — against North Korea with the “most punishing sanctions yet, which banned North Korea’s top exports, costing the regime $1 billion per year. Its passage was a feat that critics said could never be done, under suspicion that neither China nor Russia would ever come to the table for such stringent sanctions against one of their longtime allies. However, both countries signed onto the resolution under Ambassador Haley’s leadership.

Another unanimous resolution quickly followed This squelched financial support for the North Korean regime. Resolution 2375, which imposed strict oil sanctions on North Korea, seen as the final nail in the coffin of the regime’s funding of its nuclear program.

Haley got those resolutions through with her uncanny negotiating ability, and her powerful speeches at the UN criticizing the countries that wouldn’t come aboard.

Perhaps Trump won’t come after her the way he attacked DeSantis.  Over this past weekend, Trump spoke to a South Carolina TV station WIS-TV. He said Nikki Haley called him for advice despite her promise not to run against her former boss.

“She said she would never run against me because I was the greatest president, but people change their opinions, and they change what’s in their hearts,” Trump said. “So I said, if your heart wants to do it, you have to go do it.”

I give it a month before he starts attacking her.

While I haven’t chosen who I will support for the GOP nomination, Haley does have one major advantage. If she becomes President in 2024, she will become the first female President of the United States. Who doesn’t want to be a fly on the wall when Hillary Clinton finds out.