Some liberals are just plain nasty. They literally call for the destruction of the United States on a daily basis while threatening violence against those who disagree. Whether one supports the President or not, likes Rudy Giuliani or not, a human being with a heart would not be happy when someone catches a potentially deadly virus. Giuliani has COVID leftists celebrate

But the anti-Trump left had a field day when the President announced that his personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, was diagnosed with COVID-19.

Giuliani is much more than President Trump’s personal attorney. He’s the former U.S. Attorney who put Mafia Dons in jail, the ex-NYC Mayor who cleaned up the city and displayed so much leadership after 9/11/01, that he was given the nickname America’s Mayor. But despite his decades of service to this country, the lefties were happy that Giuliani caught the China Virus.

Check out some reactions from lefties after learning Rudy Giuliani was ill:


This blue check liberal who identifies himself as a Mental health counselor laughed at the Guiliani news—that’s crazy.

Rudy even got a slam from China.

But one shouldn’t expect civility from the Chinese Communist Party-controlled media. Just as we shouldn’t expect truth for the socialist Democratic Party-controlled media in the United States.

Thankfully America’s Mayor seems to be recovering.

His tweet about getting better upset the liberals also.

Are these the same leftists who reacted to the election by preaching the country should unite?

I told you, nasty people.

Much of this post was first seen at Flag and Cross.

Giuliani has COVID leftists celebrate

Giuliani has COVID leftists celebrate