About four days ago, Pennsylvanians heard or read that their newly-elected senator checked himself into Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to receive treatment for clinical depression.

This probably came as no surprise to anyone in the Commonwealth or United States. John Fetterman has suffered throughout his life from depression, and this has apparently been worsening over the past six weeks due to his new job as one of the 100 chief lawmakers in America.

Even though I find Fetterman, a far-left Bernie Sanders clone, to be unqualified and dangerously naïve, I sympathize with his maladies. I also have some small sympathy — and pity — for Pennsylvania’s voters, who were deprived of the opportunity to properly evaluate Fetterman as a candidate throughout 2022 due to inane early voting rules, intense media bias, and his execrable wife, Giselle.

For months leading up to the late October debate between Fetterman and Trump-endorsed pseudo-conservative Mehmet Oz, voters, and news consumers were subjected to a gaslighting campaign from media hacks. To even discuss Fetterman’s stroke and infirmities were deemed by those controlling our political discourse to be “appalling.” It quickly became equivalent of prejudice, as Fetterman’s physicians wrongly deemed him “fit to serve” and “getting sharper.”

Any seeking of documentation on Fetterman’s condition was deemed “ableism” or “right-wing carnival barkers” by hucksters like Rebecca Traister in an endlessly pedantic New York Magazine piece one month before the midterm election.

They all knowingly lied.

I won’t attack Democrat voters in Pennsylvania because, thanks to cable news and the team sport of politics of this era, most would vote for Adolf Hitler over a Republican. However, Gisele, a socialist who came to the country illegally as a child and has contributed nothing since, is a villain. She wants to be a U.S. senator and will happily destroy her husband to do it.

So-called journalists who sacrificed the truth and their dwindling credibility to advance a partisan agenda are also villainous. Only one, a 30-year-old at NBC named Dascha Burns, dared to do her job and report simple facts. For that, Gisele threw a tantrum demanding that NBC apologize, and like a good totalitarian, the Brazilian said there must be “consequences” for Burns.

“They all wanted Democrats to retain control of the Senate,” Jon Tobin wrote Monday for Newsweek. “And they were prepared to cover up or falsify the facts about Fetterman’s health to advance his candidacy. Even after Fetterman took office, the supportive quotes about him from Senate Democrats and sympathetic reporters continued despite his problems becoming obvious to all.”

That’s for sure. But, being honest was too much to stomach for those Columbia and Northwestern University-indoctrinated journalists. As a fellow journalist dedicated to facts, shame on them.

And where are the local editorial boards that demanded no criticism of Fetterman’s health? The Philadelphia Inquirer, whose behavior last autumn was particularly egregious, should show contrition, yet never will.
Instead, progressives are now lashing out at honest criticism because they do not care about Fetterman. To them, he’s not human; he’s a tool. He exists to purely serve a political purpose. His health is of no consequence to most Democrats. And his barbarous wife feels similarly.


Ari Kaufman is a correspondent for several U.S. newspapers and magazines from Minnesota and Ohio to Tennessee and Virginia. He taught school and served as a military historian before beginning his journalism career. The author of three books, he is also a frequent guest on radio programs and contributes to Israel National News and here at The Lid.