A girl’s soccer team that has five boys claiming to be transgender females is destroying every opposing team… unexpectedly.

I mean, it MUST be all a coincidence, after all. A girl’s team with one third of its players being boys couldn’t possibly have any sort of advantage over opponents that have only girls playing, could it?

The Flying Bats football club in Sydney, Australia, seems to be unbeatable, according to the New York Post.

Still, not all parents in the mewling land down under were all that excited for the Flying Bats’ success.

“Our girls are here to play for fun and expect to play in the female competition. They did not sign up for a mixed competition,” a league officials said, disgusted by the team’s five ringers.

“Some of the parents were so concerned, they would not let their daughters play,” the official continued.

“It was so disheartening for them to see the huge difference in ability — they’re killing it,” the horrified official added.

Unsurprisingly, the Flying Bats Football Club president Jen Peden defended her decision to stack the deck against every other real-life girl in the league by fielding the boys who are pretending to be girls.

“As a club, the Flying Bats FC stand strongly for inclusion, and pride ourselves on safe, respectful and fair play, the promotion of a supportive community for LGBTQIA+ players, officials and supporters, and the significant physical, social and mental health benefits that participation in sport brings, especially to marginalized members of the LGBTQIA+ community. We are a club that values our cisgender and transgender players equally,” the mewling cheater said.

“We strongly support the Australian Human Rights Commission’s guidelines for the inclusion of transgender and gender diverse people in sport,” she added… and of course she did. After all, her cheating is allowing her team to win every game they play.

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