Georgia voters got everything right

Bravo to Georgia Republicans. Take a bow.

The Peach State, which used to be deep red and now is more purple, got it right at the ballot box Tuesday.

Primary voters rejected multiple “big lies” and sided with facts and reality, sending a message they won’t be gaslighted or fall for stunts that insult their intelligence.

Gov. Brian Kemp, who’s done a marvelous leadership job on everything from economics and abortion to COVID-19, demolished disgraced former Sen. David Perdue. The incumbent won by an astounding 52 points and more than 600,000 votes against Donald Trump’s chosen token for 2020 rigged election fantasies.

Recall that Perdue is part of why Democrats have a 50-50 Senate tie and can do damage since he could not defeat millennial hipster Jon Ossoff in the January 2021 Georgia runoff. Perdue, another pseudo-populist billionaire, should disappear and never be heard from again.

Kemp now faces a rematch with conspiracy theorist Stacey Abrams, the overhyped radical leftist who hates the Peach State and still thinks she won the 2018 gubernatorial race.

Polls show Kemp with a slight early lead.

Kemp openly supported Trump’s presidential aspirations twice, yet he earned ire simply for certifying Joe Biden’s Georgia win in the 2020 election after all bogus lawsuits had been tossed out.

Brad Raffensperger, the secretary of state who Trump notoriously demanded to find 12,000 votes to steal the state, also won. But the entire story is more impressive.

In a crowded field of opponents, Raffensperger was not expected to exceed Georgia’s 50% rule to avoid a runoff, yet he received over 52%, as voters clearly appreciated his humility and humility.

Like former Vice President Mike Pence, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, and other strong moral conservative leaders, Kemp and Raffensperger refused to bend to laborious conspiracy and overturn the will of voters, even though, like many Republican leaders, both wanted Trump to win.

Instead, Kemp made a more intelligent move.

He addressed valid concerns about that year’s voting rules by embracing a new voting law that stopped irregularities and then prompted Democrats to spew their own deranged insanity.

Biden set a new low by deeming the innocuous law “Jim Crow 2.0”, while execrable Senate Leader Chuck Schumer, with zero evidence, said it excludes “people of color, young people, urban people.” The entire party followed suit in ignominy.

In reality, Georgia’s turnout this month doubled two years ago, and black turnout tripled from 2018. Democrats lied. Schumer lied. Biden lied.

Will Biden and his senile hacks acknowledge how they distorted the truth and demeaned innocent people? I suppose it’s no more likely that Trump apologizes to Kemp and Raffensperger or Biden show contrition for spitting on children’s graves for political gain this week in a divisive speech that was beneath the office of the president.

Maybe some others will show regret?

The heads of Major League Baseball, apathetic to facts, quickly followed Democrats’ lies and removed the All-Star Game from Atlanta last summer, costing the city hundreds of millions. The sports media, a fully woke operation of fanboys, never asked a tricky question about this repugnant act.

Politicians never apologize, but MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred — an insular hack who wants to ruin the game, clearly never read the law, and followed Biden’s bigoted lies — should. He won’t. Like most professional sports, MLB is run by illiterate overeducated elites who remain ignorant to simple information and out of touch with customers.

A.J. Kaufman is a columnist for Alpha News and here at The Lid 

Georgia voters got everything right