Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer decided to see if President Donald Trump was right when he said that statues of George Washington would be the next to fall.

It’s absolutely amazing to see the ignorance of some American people when it comes to their history and how they are willingly letting it be erased right before their eyes.

In light of the vandalism, destruction, and removal of Confederate monuments over allegations about slavery, it should come as no surprise that many have begun to target America’s founding fathers.

The latest to see an attack is considered the “Father of our country,” our first president, George Washington.

Apparently, Owen Shroyer may be right, and a large group of people was willing to sign a petition to remove Washington from the dollar bill.

Now, personally, I’d just a soon we did away with the whole Federal Reserve system, which includes that monopoly money that Washington’s face resides on.

I often wonder if the men whose faces are on those pieces of paper would be insulted by it rather than flattered.

However, the reason for the removal is not due to the unethical practices of the fiat money printing central bank, but rather is a fight against “images of racism and slavery.”

Shroyer didn’t just ask people to sign the petition to remove Washington from the dollar bill but also asked people to sign a petition to remove the name of Robert E. Lee from a road.

Once again, the ignorance of the American people was on display as one woman had no idea who Robert E. Lee was, but she signed the petition.

Let me highly recommend a wonderful video titled Warriors of Honor: The Faith and Legacies of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, and not only hear about their lives and faith in the God of the Bible, but also in some of the bonus material hear of how slave spoke of Christians who cared for them in the new world and treated them like family.  Again, you won’t hear that in the public indoctrination centers.

One guy called him out on it though.

“Really?  Do you teach history?” the guy asked.

Of course, Shroyer attempted to stay in character, but I’m surprised he was not trying to hold back a laugh, like Mark Dice.

Another man who was signing the petition said that the vandalism that was done to the Robert E. Lee Road street sign was done by a man who was “paid to do it.”

Now, let’s be honest, George Washington did own slaves.  That is simply a historical fact.

In fact, we learn at the following:

  1. George Washington first became a slave owner at the early age of eleven.
  2. At the time of Washington’s death, the Mount Vernon enslaved population consisted of 317 people.
  3. George Washington’s marriage to Martha Cursis significantly increased the number of enslaved people at Mount Vernon.
  4. Accounts vary regarding Washington’s treatment of the Mount Vernon’s enslaved population
  5. The enslaved people at Mount Vernon practiced diverse religious traditions and customs (Mostly Christian)
  6. On numerous occasions, people enslaved by the Washington household ran away in an attempt to regain their freedom.
  7. People at Mount Vernon also resisted their enslavement through less noticeable means.
  8. In December of 1775, Washington–the newly appointed Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army–received a letter from Phillis Wheatley, an enslaved woman brought to Boston from West Africa at just seven years of age, containing an ode written in his honor.
  9. With little free time and control over their everyday life, Mount Vernon’s enslaved population attempted to exert some free will and choice when it came to their private lives.
  10. George Washington left instructions in his will to emancipate the people enslaved by him, upon the death of Martha Washington.

“Despite having been an active slave holder for 56 years, George Washington struggled with the institution of slavery and spoke frequently of his desire to end the practice,” the website states.  “At the end of his life, Washington made the bold step to free his slaves in his 1799 will – the only slave-holding Founding Father to do so.”

Now, the one thing the media will not tell you is who brought the slaves over and who kidnapped them into slavery.

One thing you will never read in the media or heard taught in the public indoctrination centers we call public schools is that no Southern ship ever brought slaves to America.  It was only Northern ships.

Second, the media continues to whitewash Islam, but the bulk of slaves who were kidnapped in their homeland of Africa were kidnapped by Muslims.  That’s right, that “religion of peace.”

To be fair, one has to ask why Washington would not release his slaves when he was actually wrestling with the issue instead of waiting till his death and the death of his wife to release them.

In either case, none of this removes this history of our country nor does having a statue or imprint of his face on a piece of paper really incite anyone.

It’s simply something for some people to get worked up over in order to subvert the law and America’s true history, which isn’t about slavery, but about Christianity and the Bible.

The Bible does speak about slavery and it speaks to kidnapping, or man stealing.  The latter carries a sentence of death, but as far as we know, neither George Washington nor Robert E. Lee nor any other American actually engaged in a kidnapping.  The former was often practiced as a means of payment or as a care for one’s enemies whose cities had been destroyed in a war.

In many cases, some of these people took very good care of their slaves and protected them after they were brought to the New World, but it’s true that there were some in the culture who abused their slaves and were cruel masters.

While I’m not an advocate for slavery, I’m not an advocate for removing the remembrances we have of those who impacted our society so much removed from the public square either.

I mean, if that is the case, why aren’t these people willing to remove Martin Luther King, Jr’s statue and picture from the public square rather than designate a holiday to his remembrance?  Why are they not willing to remove accused rapist and former President Bill Clinton’s statue from the public square?

No, this is just the latest in a long line of attempts to erase America’s true history from America’s public consciousness.


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