Guest Post by Onan Coca

Geert Wilders has been part of the vanguard in both the fight against Islamofascism and the fight to defend free speech in Europe for years.

He has been forced to live a life constantly under guard due to constant threats on his life from Islamic terrorists. He has also been forced to live under constant threat of legal action because neither the Netherlands nor the European Union care about the right to free speech. This sad truth was on full display this past week as Geert Wilders was convicted of supposed “hate speech” in a recent trial.

So, what did Wilders say that could lead to a criminal trial?

The charges stemmed from a speech he gave way back in 2014.

After his party had narrowly failed to become the largest group on The Hague’s city council, Wilders asked a roomful of supporters if they wanted to have “more or fewer Moroccans” in the country. When the crowd shouted back “Fewer!”, he replied: “Well, we’ll take care of that.”

Yep. That’s all it takes to put you on trial in Europe today, and don’t be fooled, America’s not that far behind. For his part Wilders decried the entire proceeding to be insane.

“The Netherlands has become a sick country. I am not a racist and neither are my voters. This sentence proves that you judges are completely out of touch. Support for the Party for Freedom is stronger than ever and keeps growing every day. The Dutch want their country back.

Today I was convicted in a political trial which, shortly before the elections, attempts to neutralize the leader of the largest and most popular opposition party. But they will not succeed, not even with this verdict, because I speak on behalf of millions of Dutch.”

But don’t feel too bad for Wilders or his Freedom Party because they may be preparing to get the last laugh. The same populist/nationalist movement that is making waves across the entire planet (Brexit, Trump, France, Austria) is also affecting the Netherlands. The pro-free speech, anti-Islamofascism, anti-EU Freedom party looks ready to win the next national elections in the Netherlands!

Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party soars ahead in polls

The party, led by the controversial Geert Wilders, would beat Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s ruling conservative liberals if elections were held today.

The Freedom Party (PVV) can count on 29 seats out of the 150-seat chamber, according to the latest IPSOS poll, making it the largest party in the Netherlands.

In the space of one month the popularity of the PVV has surged with an increase of six seats.

It seems that liberals across the planet continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. Instead of getting involved in debating ideas, they seek to belittle, belabor, and bludgeon their opponents into submission. They use the same epithets in Europe as they do in the United States, calling their opponent’s racists, xenophobic, and evil. Meanwhile, the opposition forces continue to grow and win more and more voters to their cause because the average citizen of the West can see what is unfolding before them even if the liberals can’t seem to.

All over the Western world people are tired of being told how to think, what to say, and how they should behave by the same nanny-staters that would see us butchered by Islamic terrorists and indoctrinated by anti-god liberals. Perhaps the coming electoral victories in Europe will finally send a message that will wake the left up from their cultural malaise and political stupor.

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