You know those times when there is something on your mind and you can’t stop thinking about it? Those times it keeps you up all night looking for an answer?

That’s what happened to me last night. I kept pondering why so many foolish gaffs were concentrated during the past month.

Look at the foolish statements/actions made recently. These are not all of the foolish statements made, just those that were top of mind.

Much of (but not all) of the foolishness came from President Biden:

  • Claimed high food prices were led by big meat’s “pandemic profiteering.”
  • For the Supreme Court, the President nominated a woman who would address gender issues. But the woman doesn’t know what a woman is.’
  • Blamed the High Oil prices on Big Oil taking advantage. It seemed like he didn’t remember all the EOs he made to reduce the oil supplies.
  • He told the troops they were going to Ukraine-his staff walked it back
  • “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power. Biden called for regime change in Russia, then said that’s not what he meant
  • Exposed that the American military was training Ukrainian troops in Poland, Pentagon cleaned it up for him.

Not all the foolish statements were made by President Biden

  • Former Clinton Chief of Staff, Obama CIA director, and ] Secretary of State blamed Biden’s gaffes were because he’s Irish.
  • Andrew Cuomo claimed he’s been proven innocent (not true), Adding that he was determined to run (and win) again.
  • Dr. Mark Driscoll, a professor at the University Of North Carolina, taught that the U.S. went to war with Japan in WWII because of White supremacy.
  • A Canadian Home Depot training manual said all whites are racist.
  • “1619 Project” author Nikole Hannah-Jones wrote that the practice of tipping originated from slavery and thus is a racist act.
  • Jussie Smollett was sentenced and started screaming, “I’m not going to kill myself.” Something that no one suggested or even mentioned.
  • CBS News claimed that Biden’s economic crises were caused by the Russia/Ukraine war.
  • CNN analyst Asha Rangappa blamed the Will Smith slapping Chris Rock incident on former President Donald Trump.
  • CNN’s Humpty Dumpty Stelter claimed he was surprised that Fox didn’t support Will Smith for slapping Rock.
  • Greg Gutfeld claimed that journalists were exaggerating the suffering of Ukrainians to provoke an “emotional response” from the American public. Adding that the news media’s motive for this alleged conspiracy is not merely profit-seeking but also to unfairly paint Russia as a bully.

These are just a few foolish claims that seemed to be stuffed into one short month. It appeared that they were being crammed into one short month-long period for a reason.

In the morning, as I was eating my morning bagel and schmear, IT HIT ME. No, I wasn’t talking about Will Smith…it was about foolish statements.

The source of my moment of epiphany was the word foolish. The foolish statements were stuffed into one month was it was a time period leading up to April 1st–April Fool’s Day.

The foolish statements were stuffed into one month because that period is leading up to April 1st–April Fool’s Day. Think about what was said in the comments above. The folks who made those statements were all intelligent people. They are too smart to make statements that stupid. At least making those comments while actually meaning them.

I bet that sometime on April 1st, all those people will have a joint news conference. When the camera is turned on, they will scream April Fools!

After figuring that out, I felt so much better. With the weight off my shoulders, I went back into the kitchen and enjoyed the bagel. foolish gaffs 

foolish gaffs