Preparing for the next school year, Florida is rejecting mass-produced textbooks that contain lies about how wonderful Black Lives Matter and communism are. Good on you, Florida!

Florida Education Commissioner Manny Diaz Jr. says Florida kids will not be subjected to left-wing lies passed off as “historical facts.”

Per The Blaze:

The Florida Department of Education announced Tuesday that 66 out of the 101 instructional materials submitted for inclusion in the state’s social studies curriculum for every grade level were approved.

While the majority of materials were ultimately accepted, only 19% of materials were initially approved “due to inaccurate material, errors and other information that was not aligned with Florida Law.” However, the Education Department has worked with publishers to get the materials up to Florida’s standards.

One submission provided guidance on how to talk to young children about the national anthem, suggesting, “You can use this as an opportunity to talk about why some citizens are choosing to ‘Take a Knee’ to protest police brutality and racism.”

This suggestion was stricken from the accepted material.

Another textbook, this time targeting grades 6-8, attempted to hype socialism — an ideology linked to most of the 20th century’s totalitarian regimes and mass murders.

The text said that socialism “keeps things nice and even and without unnecessary waste. These societies may promote greater equality among people while still providing a fully functioning government-supervised economy.”

Good on Florida for deleting this anti-American ideology being foisted on kids as “education.”

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