Joe Biden lies over and over about nearly everything, granted. Still, his lies about his family businesses are far from the usual harmless lies about his bio but instead, venture into criminal behavior.

And Just the News recently detailed five necessary lies Joe has told about his business dealings with his son and the rest of his family.

As the site listed:

1). Joe Biden never discussed business with his son or family.

We now know number one is a lie thanks to the testimony by whistleblowers Rob Walker and Devon Archer, both of whom were close business associates of the Bidens. Archer says that there were times when Joe joined phone calls between Hunter and his Chinese business partners.

2). Joe Biden never met with his son’s business partners.

This is a lie because we have email and text communications with Hunter’s foreign business men thank him for setting up a meeting with Joe. And dont forget the golf picture.

3). The Biden family did not get money from China.

The House Oversight Committee has proven that money from several nations, including China, has been funneled to Biden and his businesses.

4). Hunter Biden “has done nothing wrong.”

This is untrue since Hunter has already pleaded guilty to criminal gun charges and tax evasion. Expect Santa to give him coal.

5). The Hunter Biden laptop that emerged late in the 2020 election was Russian disinformation.

And we also know that the FBI had determined that the laptop was actually Hunter’s before it even became a bit news story back in 2020.

I just briefly explained each of the five points, but Just the News has all the links to the documents and stories to substantiate these points. So, if you want to track down these lies, check out the Just the News report.

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