As the Fentanyl crisis became one of the biggest threats to American youth we’ve ever seen, the Biden administration…in particular Biden and Karine Jean-Pierre- think they’re doing a great job. In a recent press briefing, Fox reporter Peter Doocy pressed her over the violence from drug cartels near our border, and she came back with a stunning lie: “Fentanyl is at historic lows.” The backlash from her remarks was epic.

That is the profound truth. The leadership is delusional on many issues and appears to have their heads firmly buried where they sit. They want YOU, the American people, to keep your heads buried there as well.


The Fentanyl Crisis

“Karine Jean-Pierre claims that record fentanyl seizures at the border means the fentanyl crisis is actually more under control.” John Cooper, Senior Communications director for the Heritage Foundation.

Anything that doesn’t support the lies of the Biden administration is suppressed. Want evidence? Look at the apoplectic response to the release of the Jan 6 video files that show the entire thing was nothing like the J6 Committee claimed. Democrat Senator Schumer had a total meltdown over it. People began severely attacking Tucker Carlson for revealing the truth about Jan 6. Now we have “KJP” trying to say that Fentanyl is at “historic lows,” even as it is listed as the number one killer of Americans between 18 and 25.


(Tommy Piggott is the Rapid Response Director for RNC Research).

To be very clear, KJP was touting talking points from a graph issued by the CBP, which showed a drop in seizures. What the Biden administration fails to tell us is that part of the graph is ONLY Fiscal Year 2023 TO DATE. This is just March. The Fiscal year doesn’t end until September 30. They also haven’t counted the Fentanyl coming across our borders without being seized by the Border Patrol. Last year, 14,700 pounds of Fentanyl was seized. This year so far, 12,500 pounds.


“While successful fentanyl smuggling rates aren’t calculated by the government, seizures of fentanyl along the southern border have in fact risen sharply in recent years…

According to the DEA, most of the fentanyl is smuggled over land across the U.S.-Mexico border. Smaller amounts are smuggled by air from China.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the agency responsible for interdicting illicit drugs along the U.S. borders, has reported that the vast majority of its fentanyl seizures along the southern border have occurred at ports of entry, where officials screen returning American citizens, foreign travelers and commercial trucks.

In fiscal year 2022, 84% of the 14,104 pounds of fentanyl seized along the Mexican border were detected by officers at ports of entry overseen by the Office of Field Operations, a CBP branch, according to government data.

On the other hand, Border Patrol, which apprehends migrants who enter the U.S. illegally, seized 2,200 pounds of fentanyl, or 16% of all fentanyl seized along the southern border, in fiscal year 2022. Moreover, many of those seizures occurred at interior checkpoints, where Border Patrol agents screen commercial and passenger vehicles.” CBS

So the data is misleading. KJP simply touted the misleading data that she was given in her “binder.” Just because Fentanyl seizures are up doesn’t mean the problem is fixed by our husk of a president. What it really shows is that the Biden administration is totally delusional.

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