An actual female dart player has taken a stand against transgenderism by refusing to compete against a man pretending to be a woman.

UK dart champ Deta Hedman, of Whitham, has refused a match against mental case Noa-Lynn Van Leuven, who claims to be a woman.

Hedman, a three-time WDF World Champion runner-up, forfeited her match at the Denmark Open in Esbjerg.

Per Reduxx:

Just days before the match was due to take place, Hedman took to her Facebook page to denounce trans-identified male inclusion in the women’s category.

“Women & girls deserve to be CHAMPIONS in their own sports,” read a graphic Hedman posted to her page.

Hedman’s forfeiture did not come as a surprise to some, who noted that she had been outspoken on the issue of keeping sports single-sex for a number of years. In 2023, Hedman specifically named Van Leuven in a statement she penned on the issue.

“For many months I’ve struggled with transgenders playing in the women’s world ranked events. I have thought this is wrong since day one,” she wrote. While she stressed that she had no issues with individuals identifying how they chose in day-to-day life, she emphasized that she did not believe men should be playing in female sporting categories.

“I’m not close to Noa-Lynn in darts but in fairness seems a lovely person, at Lakeside I met Victoria Monaghan and must admit she is a right character we had banter and a fair few laughs, but my personal view is trans shouldn’t be playing in women’s ranked events.”

Good for Hedman.

More actual female athletes need to refuse to compete against these mentally sick individuals.

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