Once again, we see the fraud of climate change as it has been revealed that the federal government is using “data” from temperature stations that haven’t even existed for years.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) uses data from its system of temperature stations erected across the nation to predict what the temps will be in the future. They use what is called the United States Historical Climatology Network (USHCN), which has physical stations all over the country.

But, the problem is, a large number of the stations they claim to be using don’t even exist.

So, how does NOAA use temperature data that doesn’t exist?

Per Zero Hedge:

The problem, say experts, is that an increasing number of USHCN’s stations don’t exist anymore.

“They are physically gone—but still report data—like magic,” said Lt. Col. John Shewchuk, a certified consulting meteorologist.

“NOAA fabricates temperature data for more than 30 percent of the 1,218 USHCN reporting stations that no longer exist.”

He calls them “ghost” stations.

Mr. Shewchuck said USHCN stations reached a maximum of 1,218 stations in 1957, but after 1990 the number of active stations began declining due to aging equipment and personnel retirements.

NOAA still records data from these ghost stations by taking the temperature readings from surrounding stations, and recording their average for the ghost station, followed by an “E,” for estimate.

So much for “science.”

If you can’t prove it… just make it up.

This is from the “trust the science” fools.

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