Lying to the FBI will get you in jail. But what happens when the senior management of the FBI lies?

Regarding the United States’ three-letter agencies, we have long assumed that the FBI is untouchable. The FBI is supposed to be the best investigative organization in the world, never to use its power for partisan politics. But the more we learn about the Russia Hoax, the more we find out that Crossfire Hurricane was promoted by a corrupt FBI management. The latest revelation is that the FBI lied to its agents about the origin of the Russia collusion hoax.

Per the NY Post

 FBI agents probing since-debunked claims of a secret back channel between Donald Trump and a Russian bank believed that the allegations had originated with the Department of Justice — when in fact they came from Hillary Clinton campaign attorney Michael Sussmann, who had shopped them to the bureau’s then-general counsel days earlier.

Many were disappointed because it seemed that the Durham team wasn’t coming up with anything. But recently, team Durham released important information, mainly from the testimony in the  Sussmann’s trial.

The most recent revelation from the trial is that FBI “investigators had received an electronic communication citing a referral from the DOJ “on or about” Sept. 19, 2016.” That was the same day Sussmann met with and perjured himself to James Baker, the FBI’s top lawyer:

“In that referral, the DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE provided the FBI with a white paper that was produced by an anonymous third party,” the communication said, before adding: “According to the white paper, a U.S.-based server that is owned by the TRUMP ORGANIZATION has been communicating with the Russian-based ALFA BANK organization in Moscow, Russia.”

That claim was proven to be bogus

The document was circulated to several top FBI officials — including Peter Strzok, who oversaw the probe of Clinton’s email server as well as the Trump-Russia investigation, and was famously fired from the bureau in 2018 after the emergence of text messages he sent to his colleague and mistress Lisa Page in which he vowed to help “stop” Trump from winning the White House

Allison Sands, who testified in the Sussman trial on May 23, said she believed Curtis Heide had told her the referral came from the Department of Justice.

Ryan Gaynor then revealed shocking information during his work testimony:

FBI agent Ryan Gaynor revealed that bureau honchos shielded Sussmann’s identity from field agents who investigated the claims of a link between Trump and Alfa-Bank as part of a longstanding practice known as a “claose hold.”

He told the prosecutor the determination to hide where the information originated was made by the FBI big shots before the Alfa-Bank material was given to the Chicago field office.

When Chicago got the information, Gaynor was asked by a manager in the Chicago office if keeping the source private was hurting the Trump-Alfa bank investigation,. “not make an argument that we needed to pull the hold [reveal Sussmann as the source] at the time” because they were waiting for information from the spam email company that was actually behind the supposed secret back channel between the Trump Organization and Alfa-Bank

But Gaynor testified on Monday that if he knew that Sussman worked for the Clinton campaign, he might have had a different answer to the question of hurting the Trump-Alfa bank investigation.

IMHO the most important takeaway from the Gaynor testimony is that the senior FBI officials knew the Trump-Alfa Bank story wasn’t true, and they were withholding the information from the agents investigating the claim. In other words, the FBI was making up information about Trump, another hit to the reputation of what once was the best investigation bureau in the world.