It appears that the corrupt FBI spent years now totally ignoring reams of evidence of Joe Biden and his son Hunter’s corrupt business practices selling influence to foreigners. And now we have even more evidence of the FBI’s efforts to protect the Biden crime family.

According to new information, the FBI ignored the tips from a second “politically connected” informant that the Biden’s were engaged in illegal activities.

Per Just the News:

Retired Special Agent Timothy Thibault, the former No. 2 supervisor in the FBI’s Washington field office, told the House Judiciary Committee last week in a transcribed interview he was somewhat taken aback when he received the request from the lead agent in the Hunter Biden tax case in October 2020 to shut down the confidential human source (CHS).

“It shocked me a bit because I’m, like, the purpose of – a confidential informant is to support a case,” Thibault told investigators in portions of a transcript reviewed by Just the News.

Thibault did not further identify the source in his testimony, but best-selling author Peter Schweizer told Just the News Sunday that he believes he is the person described in the transcript based on past comments from Thibault and after The New York Times recently suggested the FBI had received information in the Hunter Biden case from a “right-wing author.”

Schweizer said the FBI approached him and he provided to agents evidence about possible criminality in fall 2020. He said there was no politics involved, just facts and he pushed back on the narrative of the Times, noting its journalists reported on the Hillary Clinton-funded Steele dossier submitted to the FBI in 2016.

“There are no ‘right wing facts’ or ‘left wing facts.’ There are only facts,” he said. “And of course they happily accepted the unsubstantiated and unsourced dossier from Hillary Clinton’s lawyer without reservation.”

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan summoned Thibault for the interview as he investigates allegations that U. S. Attorney, David Weiss and is team did not follow normal investigative procedures when probing Hunter Biden and his family’s overseas business dealings.

Just the News has a lot more on this, so go check out their report, but the long and short of it is that the FBI ignored all this info and decided it didn’t want to use it. Just like they did the previous whistleblower who supplied the committee with so much damning evidence.

Where it concerned Biden family corruption, the FBI put its fingers in its collective ears and refused to listen.

The FBI was working as a cover agency for Biden.



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