Here’s a little quandary for the,  “you must wear the masks” people. Is saving grandma worth killing a whale?  Governor Cuomo, your answer doesn’t count. We know how you feel about grandmas. face masks killing whales

Wait until the environmental activists find out. Because this video shows us that all this face mask-wearing is polluting the oceans and could kill whales and other creatures of the sea,

All of this personal protection equipment that we are told to wear if we want to do business in our local stores, and don’t want to be written off as a horrible person is actually FAR worse than those plastic straws whose use woke politicians have forbidden in some localities. Even going as far back as the beginning of February, this PPE debris in the ocean was a problem.

“The glove or mask that you take off and casually disregard… could easily be the glove or mask that kills a whale” As the world battles coronavirus, more and more protective equipment is ending up in the sea

It’s only gotten worse since then.

Globally we are using 129 billion face masks and 65 billion plastic gloves every month, according to some estimates.

And divers and observers are spotting more of this discarded waste floating underwater, causing problems for wildlife and washing up on shorelines all over the world.

Here’s some video you might want to show some of your local “save the whale” type environmentalists.


If we can all be made to wear these masks and fog up our glasses, then surely we can have our frickin plastic straws and plastic supermarket bags back. These papers straws ones aren’t worth a damn. And those reusable supermarket bags can cause disease.

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face masks killing whales


Here’s a little quandary for the ‘wear the masks’ push… is saving grandma worth killing a whale?