Over the course of the last several weeks, our nation has seen several unbelievable and unruly stories coming from the world of air travel, with each turning out to be more stupendous than the last. FAA keep passengers sober 

In fact, the latest harrowing air-travel horror story included a passenger who had to be duct-taped to their seat after groping and assaulting flight attendants.

The guy may be positioning himself to run for Governor of New York with that kind of behavior. At the very least, he won’t be getting an extra bag of cookies.

Now, in an unprecedented maneuver, the FAA is asking airports to keep a keener eye on just how much passengers are drinking while in the terminal.

The Federal Aviation Administration warned airports across the country to monitor the serving of alcohol, particularly “to go cups,” citing a spike in unruly or dangerous behavior involving passengers who drink excessively.

In a Tuesday letter to airport managers, FAA Administrator Steve Dickson expressed his concerns about serving alcohol to passengers in restaurants and bars before flights.

“As the number of passengers traveling has increased, so has the number of unruly and unsafe behavior incidents on planes and in airports,” the administrator wrote. “Our investigations show that alcohol often contributes to this unsafe behavior.”

But what about the people who are so afraid of flying they need a few drinks just to get on the plane.

The FAA’s Dickson continued:

 “The FAA requests that airports work with their concessionaires to help avoid this. Even though FAA regulations specifically prohibit the consumption of alcohol aboard an aircraft that is not served by the airline, we have received reports that some airport concessionaires have offered alcohol ‘to go,’ and passengers believe they can carry that alcohol onto their flights or they become inebriated during the boarding process.”

The FAA also suggested that airports implement new signage that could reiterate the expectations of behavior while traveling on an airplane.

Oh GREAT! Masks are required during the flight, and being now being sober is required. Airline profits have been down since the pandemic, and just as their business was beginning to rebound, this will send them back into the tank.

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FAA keep passengers sober