Guest Post by Philip Hodges

It’s a little strange listening to someone like Joe Scarborough on MSNBC defend Donald Trump, and criticize Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton for pushing recount efforts in a few states.

Scarborough was discussing Donald Trump’s transition process and noted how most of the news media was describing the process as “chaotic,” in which there was a lot of infighting going on. We know that that was completely false – fake news if you will. The people who were complaining about the transition process were lobbyists who have been banned from working for the Trump administration.

From Scarborough’s point of view, the process seems to be going very well, orderly, and smooth. And not only that, according to former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele, there’s a lot more transparency compared to previous administrations. Here’s what Steele had to say:

“What is different is what we have not seen before and that is the very public nature of the process, in which you have open discussions about the potential nominees. You have them coming before the cameras and doing interviews after their meeting and sometimes before their meeting with the President-elect.


“So, instead of something that is typically in the past and a little off to the side and waiting for good guys like [Chris] Cillizza and others and Eugene Robinson to write their piece about what happened, Donald Trump is preempting that and he’s putting it out it in real time. And you are seeing it real time and you’re discussing it in real time and you are very much part of the pick unlike what we’ve seen in the past. And that’s what makes this very different and very unsettling for the Washington types that are used to the closed door and sort of quiet process where they have more influence and sway than clearly they have with this incoming administration.”

Watch Steele’s full answer below:

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