Rachel Maddow’s reveal of two pages of President Trump’s 2005 tax return has to be one of the most embarrassing investigative report reveals in television history.  It was so embarrassing that Geraldo Rivera threw a party because he thinks Maddow’s reveal will make people forget his Al Capone’s vault special (sorry Geraldo that’s embedded in our DNA) Ninety minutes before her show, the MSNBC host sent a tweet  Maddow tweeted what was coming:

That tweet created an earthquake, the MSM and major internet sites announced her upcoming revelation most probably boosting her viewership to levels  much larger than the usual two Bernie Sanders supporters, four members of Liz Warren’s fake Native American tribe, and 12 homeless people watching the picture on televisions in the front windows of their nearest appliance store. And why shouldn’t Maddow announce her coming show, she  thought she was about to broadcast the show of her life, that she would be the hero of every Hillary Clinton voter, and with the same show she would end the presidency of the “evil” Donald Trump. It’s not that there were no major revelations in the tax return. Besides confirming that Rachel Maddow is an idiot we learn some important things about the Trump tax returns:

  • PRESIDENT TRUMP PAID TAXES in 2005 at a rate of about 25% of his income, this compares to 23.3% for former SCHMOTUS Joe Biden in 201518.7% for former President Obama that same year, 17.4% for Warren Buffett in 2011, and 6.8% for Senator Chuck Schumer in 2014. Please note with the exception of Senator Schumer the published percentage was used. There was no published percentage for Senator Schumer but he published his return, The 6.8% was compiled by taking taxable income($465,102) and dividing it by net tax ($31,859). If this methodology is incorrect please let me know and I will fix.
  • SOMEBODY BETTER GET FIRED!! While Rachel Maddow should get fired for making a fool of herself and MSNBC on national television that will never happen, besides that is not who I am talking about. Look at the percentages of taxes paid in the bullet point above.  I thought rich people don’t pay a lot of taxes, but the president paid more taxes than all of those other people. The person who should be fired is President Trump’s accountant–he is paying much too much in taxes.
  • bloggerfairyTHE BLOGGER FAIRY PERFORMED A MIRACLE: The person who received that tax return pages, David Cay Johnston, says he got return when unbeknownst to him, an unseen person slipped it into his mailbox–it was a miracle. Even though he once won the Pulitzer Prize, Mr. Johnston is an unknown investigative blogger. His site DC Report doesn’t have particularly strong traffic.  To put the traffic in perspective, the site’s Alexa world-wide traffic rank is 443, 271. The Lidblog considered a medium-sized blog has an Alexa rank of 173,883, giant liberal blog Crooks and Liars ranks at 17,318. Now if you were going to secretly feed the trump tax returns to a liberal blog, would you put them in the mail box of the site with a 443, 271 national ranking or a major liberal site with a ranking of 17,318? See what I mean? Either Mr. Johnston is lying about how he got the return, or the Blogger Fairy (the tooth-fairy’s second cousin on her mother’s side) performed a miracle.

The reaction to Maddow’s “scoop” was brutal a lot of people were making fun of the MSNBC anchor on twitter including Donald Trump Jr, sister network CNBC and others:  

Heck even CNN’s Van Jones:

Note: the some of the tweets above were taken from a post at Constitution.com If you don’t have a weak stomach you can watch the video below of Rachel Maddow’s big failure: g