Joe Biden is now trying to use his corrupt regulatory state to force us all into useless electric vehicles by raising emissions standards so high that current technology cannot meet them, thereby creating a backdoor ban on gas cars.

Biden’s move comes as nearly every carmaker has begun to pull back on their EV plans — even as they claim in public that it is still full speed ahead, likely in a desperate attempt to keep the corrupt Biden administration off their backs.

Biden is likely preparing to release his next fantasy-based proclamations targeting gas-powered vehicle tailpipe emissions this week, a move that would force carmakers to try meet the updated standards for all new cars.

The standards — set to absurd levels — is the next part in Biden’s disastrous war on America in obeisance to the far-left’s religion of global warming.

American Energy Institute president and CEO Jason Isaac blasted the coming regulatory storm, according to Fox News.

“It certainly won’t do anything to improve human health. It won’t do anything to reduce pollution,” Isaac said. “We’ve proven in this country that we’re already a world leader in clean air. All it’s going to continue to do is push the costs of electric vehicles on to purchasers of internal combustion engine vehicles.”

“This is purely being done for campaign reasons — to really appease the leftist large donor base that are the climate alarmists that are driving this movement towards really what is a forced energy transition, which is just increasing the cost of everything,” he added.

Overall, under the proposal, which EPA unveiled in April 2023 and will go into effect in 2027, the White House projected that 67% of new sedan, crossover, SUV and light truck purchases would be electric by 2032. In addition, up to 50% of bus and garbage truck, 35% of short-haul freight tractor and 25% of long-haul freight tractor purchases could also be electric by then.

The White House said the proposal, which represents the most aggressive proposal of its kind ever proposed, would “accelerate the clean vehicle transition” and reduce oil imports by 20 billion barrels. Biden and climate activists have taken aim at the transportation sector over its high emissions profile — it alone produces roughly 29% of America’s greenhouse gas emissions, federal data shows.

These rules will not usher in a new EV paradise. Mostly because most Americans do not want an EV. And those who really do want one already have one.

This means that sales of EVs are falling, which is why carmakers are postponing their plans to expand EV production.

All Biden will do is drive up the cost of existing gas cars. And this will make it even harder for the average American to be able to afford to own a car.

Joe Biden is destroying this country in every way he can. This EV push is a purposeful effort to drive down the standard of living for all of us. He wants us all poorer, and wants to take away our freedom of movement. This will force us into giant cities and cause us to lose our homes.

That is the plan, folks. Don’t doubt me.

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