California Democrat Rep.Eric Swalwell should have waited until he died to donate his brain to science. His latest self-embarrassment was a tweet declaring, “SPOILER ALERT: I’m a white man.”

Swalwell is a creep who will lie about anything to advance his career, but on this particular statement, I will not insist he prove its truthfulness, especially the man part. But keep in mind that those who need to talk about it…aren’t.

I wouldn’t say that Swalwell lost his marbles, his marbles probably ran away.

Quite a few took Swalwell to task for his ridiculous tweet, including Candace Owens:

There were plenty of other good responses, here are a sampling:

My friend Rusty who runs Mental Recession doesn’t believe Beta Boy.  But I am sure Rusty doesn’t want to see proof of his gender either.

Ya Think?

After his spoiler alert, many people in California’s 15th CD are praying he runs against that glass of water.

Then there was this little reminder of what Swalwell once suggested using against law-abiding gun owners:

H/T Conservative Firing Line