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“If it’s not ENERGY STAR, it’s not energy efficient” has been the EPA’s motto for over 25 years. ENERGY STAR has become a multi-billion dollar Government Sponsored Enterprise (GSE), marketing a single unique and valuable product; government energy efficiency. This government-created commodity is so rare and precious that it must be kept secret, for fear of undermining it’s value in Global markets.

Which totally explains the need for a media blackout on all news related to ‘energy efficiency’ in Obama’s Clean Power Plan (CPP), and the fact that the entire 4th Building Block of Obama’s CPP had mysteriously disappeared. Nobody dares to speak of this multi-billion dollar Bait & Switch scam! Why?

Was it because EPA selected it’s own ENERGY STAR brand in a No-Bid process as the sole source for ‘energy efficiency’, a completely illegal action? Or was it to suppress information about the Clean Energy Investment Program (CEIP) that replaced the 4th Building Block, and hide the fact that CEIP doesn’t contain any language regarding ‘energy efficiency’ after EPA spent billions promoting ENERGY STAR’s extraordinary energy-savings claims.


As with all issues, there’s the political version of reality and then there’s the truth. Neither would be acceptable to the public, so mainstream media opted for a complete news blackout.


The Prosperity Partnership is a non-profit group composed of the richest people on the planet, largest corporations in US, politicians, union bosses, academics and radical anti-capitalistic groups that came together to profit from the sale of climate-friendly goods and services.



ENERGY STAR is arguably the most corrupt federal program in US history, a true National Disgrace which has inflicted more damage on America’s economy, scientific, educational and legal systems than an entire army of Bernie Madoff’s and John Beale’s.

Built entirely on myth, fraudulent scientific research and bogus technical reports promoted by the media, this secretive program has been mired in scandal and controversy since day one.

It’s entire financial value can be traced directly to a group of government bureaucracies calling themselves the Poised For Profits Partnership (P4PP). The 12 government agencies that formed P4PP conducted tens of billions of dollars worth of ‘scientific research’ on behalf of ENERGY STAR, with the bulk of all financial benefits flowing directly to the EPA’s Billionaires Club, a group identified in a 2014 Senate Report.

There is no National Standard for measuring and verifying electrical ‘energy-savings’ in technologies, but that has never stopped EPA from making completely fraudulent claims regarding their products.

Mainstream media has suppressed, manipulated, distorted or flat-out lied about every aspect of ENERGY STAR since President Bill Clinton first introduced this Pay to Play scheme. While Obama claims Global Warming is mankind’s greatest threat, he fails to disclose that EPA has been marketing ENERGY STAR as the “cure” for decades. At least that’s the sales pitch presented to the global elite.

Does anyone actually care if ENERGY STAR works? Not at all! It’s always been about funneling tax dollars to wealthy NGO’s like the Clinton Global Initiative, Energy Foundation or the Prosperity Partnership.

“ENERGYSTAR-qualified products typically use 25% to 50% less energy than conventional products and, in some cases, can offer energy cost savings of up to 90% compared to conventional products (U.S. EPA, 2007c; 2008)”

EPA’s Lead by Example provides the perfect example of how this scam works. EPA tells a lie, then pays consultants, academics and lawyers to repeat the lie over, and over again. No matter how easily provable the lie, it will always be accepted as truth without the slightest bit of supporting evidence.

When the big lie is worth billions, you can always count on media support! 100% of mainstream media reporters claim to support Hillary Clinton, it’s not because of her honesty or skill-sets. It’s a job requirement!

Media outlets are living in fear of exposure as tens of thousands of emails are being hacked from the accounts of the DNC, George Soros and Hillary Clinton, showing in their own words efforts to rig elections and fund political violence. All with the full aid of mainstream media!

Mainstream Media have imposed a total news blackout on the Clean Power Plan, all EPA & UN business partnerships, Sue & Settle lawsuits and dozens of other multi-billion dollar scams involving ENERGY STAR until after the 2016 elections. Once elected, Hillary Clinton can re-introduced ENERGY STAR and the media can pretend it’s a new cutting-edge program once again.

Shadowy NGO’s and corrupt politicians may be the prime beneficiaries of the billions flowing into EPA & UN Partnerships, but mainstream media deserves 100% ownership of ENERGY STAR’s scientific integrity and cost-effective solutions being marketed on behalf of the American People.

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