Today’s (Friday) Mike Gallagher show is a special one. The guest host is my good friend,  blogging superstar, political pundit, radio host, and author Ed Morrissey so it will be a must listen to program

The show is on from 9a-12n eastern so check your local listings for a channel that carries Gallagher


If the show isn’t on a station near you–it can be enjoyed on the internet.

All you have to do is click on the link below

Then look for the button on the left side of the page that looks like:


After every major piece of political news, the first place I go is to  to read what Ed Morrissey has to say.  Ed also has a regular column in “The Week,” and has provided commentary in the Washington Post, New York Post, New York Sun, the Washington Times, and other newspapers. And of course, he has The Ed Morrissey Show twice a week.

So make sure to tune your radio to the correct channel or click HERE to send your browser to the Mike Gallagher site and listen to Ed Morrissey a great pundit, blogger, friend, and a guy who uses the same barber as I do…as he hosts a nationally broadcast radio show, this Friday morning between 9am-12noon.