On Sunday, October 31, millions of children across America will be putting on their scariest costumes and going door to door asking for candy. It’s that Halloween time of the year again. Last year’s Halloween was void of trick or treating because of COVID.  I suspect this year will be closer to the usual pre-pandemic festivities. don’t give to UNICEF

Whether you are a parent or not, whether your children go “trick or treating” or not, I guarantee that your house is going to be swarmed by lots of little ghosts, zombies, Captain America, Disney Princesses, vampires, etc. Many of the visitors will be carrying the little orange UNICEF boxes. Please remember when you greet the Kids, give them loads of wrapped candy, but please don’t give any money to UNICEF. UNICEF supports terrorist organizations, teaches children to kill Israelis, and incites Antisemitism.

Don’t blame the little kids. Just refuse politely–they are totally unaware, as are their parents. Give them an extra Kit-Kat bar and send them on their merry way. The world will be better off.

For example, UNICEF’s branch in Israel, Judea, Samaria, and Gaza has partnerships with terrorist-supporting organizations with close ties to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terrorist group.

Per NGO Monitor

Defense for Children International – Palestine is  one of these groups Their information is regularly parroted by UNICEF despite significant factual inaccuracies and obscuring of data (see NGO Monitor’s reports No Way to Represent a Child: Defense for Children International – Palestine’s Distortions of the Israeli Justice System and The Origins of “No Way to Treat a Child” for details). Another group is Addameer. Both of these associations not only violate humanitarian principles and international and domestic laws, but they compromise UNICEF and donor funding, and potentially place already vulnerable Palestinian children at risk for recruitment.

The UNICEF report, “Children in Israeli Military Detention,” is yet another example of UN agencies collaborating with Palestinian advocacy NGOs to promote the demonization of Israel and promote Palestinian propaganda rather than policy improvements.  Furthermore, NGO Monitor has created a report called No Way To Treat A Child,  which includes a section (beginning on page 8) that proves each of the charges in the UNICEF report to be wrong.

NGO Monitor has more on UNICEF’s PFLP ties

UNICEF also partners with the World Council of Churches(WCC). According to a Jerusalem Post report, the WCC is training volunteers to promote the anti-Semitic BDS movement and engage in antisemitic rhetoric, with funding from several Western governments and the EU, as well as support from the United Nations,


UNICEF partially funds Palestinian Summer Camps that promote terrorism. As reported by PALWATCH

The PA’s summer camp messages to children included glorifying terror, venerating Martyrdom-death, and picturing a world without Israel in which all Israel has become “Palestine.” Camp activities included children performing plays in which the children depicted Palestinian stabbers carrying out terror attacks and being shot and killed by “Israelis,” and dying as honored “Martyrs.” Children created sculptures and drawings of the map of “Palestine,” which includes all of Israel in addition to the PA areas, encouraging children to disregard the existence of Israel and foresee a world without it. Children were taught that Palestine’s border to the north is Lebanon and to the south is the Gulf of Aqaba, again depicting a world in which “Palestine” has replaced Israel.

This report documents how the PA and the PLO transmitted these hate messages to Palestinian children through its summer camps.

At a camp organized by the PA-funded National Committee for Summer Camps, children performed a mock stabbing terror attack at the closing ceremony of the camp [and they say dodge ball is bad]

The first photo shows a girl wearing an Arab headdress and playing the part of a terrorist, as she faces off against a boy playing an Israeli. The second and third photos show the Palestinian girl “dead” on the ground with a knife in her hand after the “Israelis” who “shot” her standing next to her. The fourth photo shows some children standing behind the terrorist “Martyr” lying on the ground with a Palestinian flag draped over her, as is common practice at the funeral of “Martyrs.” [Facebook page of the National Committee for Summer Camps, August 3, 2017.

An ad for PYALARA, which is funded by UNICEF, demonstrates the organization’s support of Antisemitism.

The ad (below) shows an axe destroying a Star of David. The large Star of David that has been destroyed is decorated with stars and stripes, presumably representing the USA, and an additional smaller Star of David – a common theme in anti-Semitic cartoons that imply Jewish control of the US. On the axe that destroys the Star of David is the word “Boycott!” in the imperative tense.

This advertisement featuring anti-Semitic imagery also bears the UNICEF logo.




Sadly there are many other examples of UNICEF supporting terrorism, Antisemitism, and anti-Israel propaganda.  The key point is that if you do not support terrorism, Antisemitism, or anti-Israel propaganda.PLEASE don’t put your pennies in the orange box.  Give to a different charity.


don’t give to UNICEF

don’t give to UNICEF