It started with PETA and ended up biting Donald Trump Jr.  The crazy pro-animal organization wants us to change some of our common idioms :

Face it, the latest PETA request is so idiotic it could have been written by Congresswoman-elect, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Donald Trump Jr. agrees. On Instagram, he posted a picture from The Independent UK that showed bacon strips, and had the caption: “Phrases like ‘bringing home the bacon’ could be banned for being offensive to vegans.” Within a short period, Instagram (owned by Facebook, by the way) had blocked his post.

Here’s the original:

A mistake? Is Instagram vegan or are they pushing something else (we all know what)? Blatant censorship to “protect ” their “community”…over bacon. Bacon Bacon Bacon. BACON.

Donald Trump Jr is no stranger to being blocked, censored, lied about, and shadowbanned and neither are we here at the Lid where the most recent case is that my Facebook page was in the penalty box for a week because Facebook claimed a non-controversial post about Hanukkah went against community standards.

Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children where Faye Higbee primarily writes, has been censored, lied about, and shadow banned

We’ve been taken down, lied about, banned entirely, or shadow banned, which means our articles were taken out of the newsfeed so that people have to go directly to the page to see them. Our company has suffered greatly because of censorship on social media. But we stay because speaking up is important, even if only a fraction of the world listens. Smaller platforms may seem friendlier to the messages, but that may come to a halt as well. The censorship is entirely out of control on all fronts.

Tumblr has begun the censorship process by reportedly “taking down pornography,” but some of their takedowns weren’t pornography. Here’s one:

GAB was taken down entirely. Twitter still allows people like Louis Farrakhan to spew hate, but actively censors Conservatives like Laura Loomer by banning her forever. Instagram is owned by Facebook, so people get blocked or banned on a regular basis. Over things like bacon.

Donald Trump Jr was recently lied about on NPR, and they again lied in the retraction. He has fought the media and social media machines before and ultimately won. But how long will this go on?  These social media giants and the news media are so left-leaning that any Conservative voice is often drowned out by the screams and lies.

Eventually, we will be the winners in this fight for truth, but it will likely get worse before it gets better. Remember…BACON.

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