By Conor Coughlin  

The Durham Report revealed the extreme levels of corruption within FBI and DOJ leadership. Still, it failed to disclose how that protection racket benefited the Clinton Global Initiative and the US Dept of Energy, which owns the ENERGY STAR brand. The Biden regime recently acknowledged that the ENERGY STAR® brand is a government-backed symbol for a public/private partnership that has released a new Smart Home Energy Management System that may be the ultimate Deep State spy tool. Fake News outlets had to bury the fact that DOE’s Smart Grid meter system could be worth potentially trillions of dollars to the private-sector investors in this new green venture because people might have noticed the multiple Conflict Of Interest issues associated with a federal agency secretly creating For-Profit business lines like their ENERGY STAR® brand. These double standards in law, justice, and science started decades ago when state and federal bureaucrats demonized real engineers, scientists, and tradesmen for questioning the quality of government science. The DOE had developed its own form of Orwellian double-speak to hide this truth. The Junk Science and Marxist math models that were propping up their premium-priced brand were as delusional as the economic system based on the Natural Capitalism embraced by globalists.

Americans continue to be prohibited from participating in the corrupt business enterprises of the EPA Billionaires Club but must still pretend that ENERGY STAR® is providing credible and unbiased information that can be trusted. There are a trillion good reasons why it took DOE thirty years to admit that their ENERGY STAR enterprise was a public/private partnership, and it had everything to do with the agency bosses performing the peer-review process on significant economic policiesNobody can debate the quality of DOE science that doesn’t exist, so why bother trying. However, anyone can review the actual DOE policies created for the political establishment. These were used to select ENERGY STAR® as the “sole” provider of all clean energy in the Trans-Pacific Partnership, UN Green Industry Platform, and the Green Sports Alliance. These policies could be hidden in plain sight because nobody was looking for the truth from public officials involved in the government’s many green-washing schemes.

Most shadowy enterprises date back to 1992 when former CIA Director George H W Bush created the ENERGY STAR program and signed the USA onto the UN Agenda 21 Development Plan. That same year Ross Perot won 19% of the popular vote for president without a political party for support by presenting sound policy positions that rejected the corrosive Free Trade policies of the political establishment. Ross Perot’s conservative economic views were similar to those found on the Republican Party platform but were the exact opposite of weak leaders (GOPe). Their globalist business models utilized Regional Economic Agendas, part of the original Agenda 21 governance model that encouraged Cluster Industries controlled by local Stakeholders. In that environment, corrupt bureaucrats would enforce aspects of their Waters of the United States policies to punish citizens for failing to comply with their Draconian regulations. The US Supreme Court decision in Sackett v EPA overturned the narrow-minded views of the EPA that had damaged the interest of property owners for decades, as conservative political leaders played along with the radical environmentalist demanding to control their lifestyles through regulations. It’s important to remember those laws were not created by bureaucrats, and political leaders allowed laws to be twisted and bent.

The GOPe will now try to convince voters their crashing global economic model is still viable and that DOE’s new Clean Energy Corp could produce sustainable prosperity for Cultural Marxists across the globe. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm has even produced a cartoonish new propaganda video to encourage young people to consider a career as a Certified Climate Change Professionals®. They didn’t want to set the bar too high for people seeking to learn the Core Competencies of the Association of Climate Change Officers. Hence, the DOE Application Portal directed job seekers not to provide a home address, criminal history, Social Security/Driver’s License numbers, or any information a regular business would require from a new employee. That type of employment double-standard ensures these new federal workers will have even less job security and civil rights protection than the worker unjustly fired, demoted, or marginalized by out-of-touch bureaucrats operating the administrative state. Congress has known about these lousy policy decisions for many years, precisely why the American people had to be kept in the dark about those silent investors in their ENERGY STAR® brand. No one could question the DOE’s cutting-edge science because it was assumed to possess the same type of magical properties as that of EPA “certified” energy efficiency. When Energy Secretary Steven Chu released the EPA: Lead By Example guidelines in 2009, it directed bureaucrats to officially claim that ENERGY STAR products were now saving 25% to 50% more electrical energy than similar products. He wasn’t announcing a major breakthrough in physics. These were imaginary energy-savings that existed only in the minds of bureaucrats. Those new EPA guidelines were just the next phase of the Save Energy Now program, a $100 billion boondoggle that funded 200 “industrial assessments” by staff at major universities to make industrial facilities more productive and profitable. That $100 billion was paid to universities to conduct 200 “industrial assessments” that produced worthless advice that no rational industrial customer would ever accept as serious. That’s because there was nothing for industrial customers to consider, these DOE programs were built on pure illusion. This government-invented commodity is not traded on Stock Exchanges because it has no legal definition, technical description, or mathematical formula to calculate electrical energy savings. Yet, somehow its been generating tens of billions of dollars annually for bureaucrats, NGOs, and politicians from the estimated energy savings made by EPA energy experts for decades. The media would have you believe the EPA claim, “ENERGY STAR is providing simple, credible and unbiased information” that their customers rely on to make informed choices, but fails to disclose that thousands of industrial, commercial, utility, state, and local organizations are the actual customers for their ENERGY STAR® brand. The American people have no idea if those private-sector partners in the ENERGY STAR® corporate model include bureaucrats like James Comey, John Brennan, or James Clapper. Would that be an essential fact to know?

According to a 2020 Smart Grid report, the EPA Smart Grid meter product line was developed from a program designed to protect our National Electrical Grid from cyber-attacks by hostile actors. Billions of our tax dollars were paid to private parties through a matching funds agreement that essentially made them financial partners in a National Security initiative to protect America’s electrical grid. But somehow, that DOE Smart Grid research resulted in Samsung, a South Korean multinational corporation, being selected as ENERGY STAR’s first Smart Grid provider “certified” to market EPA-approved products that save energy, save money, and protect the planet. How energy or money is saved is a real mystery. The DOE website doesn’t describe any of its cutting-edge technologies, but it provides excess to a whole bunch of bad policies.

Conor Coughlin created the platform in 2015 for Independent News & Dialog In order to expose widespread government fraud surrounding the EPA’s scientific research programs for government “certified’ electrical energy efficiency.