This is a story of how un-American, undemocratic, and downright fascist liberals and their cancel culture are. It also shows how quickly and easily fascist “right think” can descend upon us, all thanks to technology.

The story comes from a fellow named Brandon Jackson, who was foolish enough to install an entire Amazon smart house system in his home. With it, he can use apps and computers to control the temperature in his home, the lights, entertainment systems, communications, and any manner of electronically controlled systems. It also gives him the power to see who is knocking at his door and control entry and exit by looking at the apps on his phone.

As it happens, he got a delivery from Amazon one day. After the delivery driver left the premises, Mr. Jackson suddenly discovered that Amazon had shut him out of his account. He found he could no longer access any of the controls for his house.

You can read his story with all the ins and outs in his Medium post HERE.

But here is what happened in a nutshell…

Amazon didn’t lock him out of his account by accident. They did it on purpose because they claimed they caught him being a “racist.”

As it happens, the Amazon delivery driver told his bosses that Mr. Jackson yelled a racial slur at him during that delivery I mentioned above. All it took was that accusation, without any investigation or bothering to contact Mr. Jackson — the customer here — to find out if the driver was telling the truth.

Amazon just summarily canceled Mr. Jackson and branded him a “racist.” And kicked him off his accounts to control his own house.

Jackson proved that he did not utter any “racial slurs” at the driver because his system also records video and sound of everything in the house… which is frightening enough, but at least it was a boon in this particular case. But Amazon did not care. Jackson was branded a racist, and that, as we say, was that.

Eventually, Amazon relented and let Mr. Jackson back into his account. But they offered no apology and merely turned it back on without telling him they were doing it. Just turned it on as if nothing had happened.

This proves how fascist liberals are. They don’t care about facts or proof. Once they want to brand you a “racist” and then ostracize you from society, business, school, and the workplace, that’s just too bad for you, you racist, you.

Indeed, it shouldn’t matter even is Jackson WAS a racist! After all, he was in his own home and paid up for his services. Amazon had no legitimate call to cancel him, even if he was a raging racist.

And why does Amazon think it has the right to serve as America’s word police for what people say in their own homes, anyway?

This whole story is a cautionary tale. Big tech and big business are not American, don’t care about democracy, and have no interest in freedom.

Also, don’t put the control of your house in the hands of others.

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