Gee, I thought they were only allowed to go after President Trump’s banking records. But there’s a big difference this time. They went after Trump’s bank records because he had the absolute nerve to be elected. In the case of Hunter and friends, there’s already been plenty of evidence, but the media, the Dept. of Justice, and Democrats have been hiding the truth since Oct. 2020.

Per the Dems in Congress and their lemmings in the press, this investigation is about picking on the President’s son, but they are very wrong. Much of the evidence against Hunter connects with President Biden. The real purpose of the investigation is to discover the involvement of Joe in Hunter’s business dealings, especially his ones with other countries, like China or Russia, for instance. How involved in Hunter’s business was Joe Biden?

Now that the Republicans are in control of the House of Representatives, there are several pressing political questions that we may finally be able to find out.

Perhaps the most important of these issues is the possible existence of an international influence-peddling scheme involving the Biden family, with   Hunter Biden possibly acting as the main conduit for the operation along with Uncle Jim and the one with influence daddy Joe.

The GOP probe into the younger Biden’s overseas affairs continues. A powerful new subpoena has been issued by GOP lawmakers. 

It was revealed in a letter by top Democrat Rep. Jamie Raskin to House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer that Comer had quietly subpoenaed Bank of America for records relating to three of Hunter Biden’s business associates.In the letter, Raskin complains that Democrat members of the committee weren’t notified at least two days before the subpoenas were issued.

A copy of the letter was obtained by CNN, and they report that “The subpoena specifically targets US citizen John Robinson “Rob” Walker and other associates of President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, who formed a “a joint venture” with executives of CEFC China Energy, a now-bankrupt Chinese energy conglomerate.”

In her book “Laptop from Hell,” Miranda Devine explained that Ye Jianming, the chairman of CEFC China Energy, was tasked with expanding the Chinese energy consortium’s influence worldwide, and James Gillar, a former SAS officer, recommended he link up with the Biden family. Gillar reportedly connected Ye with Hunter Biden through Rob Walker, a former Clinton administration official, whose wife, Betsy Massey Walker, had been Jill Biden’s assistant when she was second lady.

Gilliar emailed Walker in February 2015 to praise Hunter’s appearance in Beijing at a board meeting of the fledgling investment fund Hunter had founded with John Kerry’s son, called BHR. “Hunter was great,” Gilliar wrote to Walker. “True sheikh of Washington.”

He emailed Hunter a few weeks later: “It has been made clear to me that CEFC wishes to engage in further business relations with our group.” Gilliar knew CEFC was the capitalist arm of President Xi’s Belt and Road Initiative to spread China’s influence — and debt traps — across the world. No Chinese company executed its goals more ardently than CEFC and its young chairman, who was dubbed the “Belt and Road billionaire” in the press.

Walker was involved in one of the more notorious Hunter Biden scandals thus far.

 Walker was caught on a recording complaining to Hunter whistleblower Tony Bobulinski ““You’re just going to bury all of us” back in 2020. Walker was among the recipients on an infamous email chain involving Hunter and James Biden, and business partners James Gilliar and Bobulinski, which includes a reference to “10% for the big guy” that’s believed to be Joe Biden.

According to Bobulinski, Joe WAS the big guy.

Hunter Biden has long been a target of conspiracy theories and concerns. Now that the Republican Party is running the show, the House is trying to separate fact from fiction. The closer they get more Democrats, and their media lemmings are soiling their underwear.

Some of this post was first seen at Liberty Hub