YIKES! You wouldn’t want to be[score] Debbie Wasserman Schultz [/score]right now (or ever). According to a report in The Hill, Democratic leaders want the DNC Chair out,  and the only question they are discussing is what color tray do they deliver her head on (come on guys be a little traditional, deliver it on a silver platter). At issue is the contention that the Schultz has been in the bag for Clinton from the beginning, not a problem unless one is the party chair who is supposed to be neutral.

What makes this oust DWS movement different is that it’s the Clinton supporters who are leading the charge.

There have been a lot of meetings over the past 48 hours about what color plate do we deliver Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s head on,” said one pro-Clinton Democratic senator.

The lawmaker said senators huddled on the chamber floor last week to talk about Wasserman Schultz’s future and estimated that about a dozen have weighed in during private conversations.

“I don’t see how she can continue to the election. How can she open the convention? Sanders supporters would go nuts,” said the lawmaker, who requested anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the discussions.

The complaints about Schultz are valid she hasn’t been good at fundraising and she has skewed the primary race Hillary’s way, including the limited number of debates, and scheduling them on Saturday evenings when TV viewership is the lowest (which favors a well known candidate vs. an insurgent like Sanders).

Another Democratic senator who supports Clinton said Wasserman Schultz will hurt her chances of rallying the liberal base in the fall.

“We need to get this figured out and come together,” said the lawmaker. “Hillary’s got the nomination. She needs Bernie’s energy. It’s time for her to accommodate. It’s time to pick hard-nosed people to cut through things and figure out a deal.

“They need to know this is their party,” the lawmaker said, observing that if Wasserman Schultz were to be replaced as party leader, young liberals may become more enthusiastic about the ticket.

Lawmakers who have discussed the end of Wasserman Schultz’s tenure acknowledge the fate would be unfair because she’s worked hard to help the party. But they say the greater priority is to mollify restive liberals backing Sanders.

These Democrats fear that a party lead by Debbie Wasserman Shultz will not be able to to unite the party once Sanders is officially out of the race. Debbie Downer has fought with Sanders supporters on Twitter after she blamed the anger at the Nevada state convention on the Vermont Senator.  For his part Sanders claims the party establishment gave Clinton an “unfair advantage in Nevada” and he has made the unusual step of endorsing Schultz’s primary opponent.

Following the uproar at the Nevada convention earlier this month, some pro-Clinton lawmakers wanted Sanders to call for party unity, but he opted instead to rip the party establishment.

“Unfortunately, the senator’s response was anything but acceptable,” Wasserman Schultz told CNN. “It certainly did not condemn his supporters for acting violently or engaging in intimidation tactics, and instead added more fuel to the fire.”

That response struck many Democrats — Clinton and Sanders supporters alike — as tone-deaf.

“It’s very important for her to adopt a role of pouring oil on troubled waters. She did the opposite last week when she poured gasoline on the events that occurred in Nevada,” said Sen. [score]Jeff Merkley[/score] (D-Ore.), the only member of the Senate who has endorsed Sanders.

Of course DWS does have her supporters including, Sen. [score]Barbara Mikulski[/score] (D-MD.), the dean of Senate Democratic women, Sen. [score]Bill Nelson[/score] (D-FL.), Sen. [score]Tim Kaine [/score](D-Va.), a former DNC chairman, Sen. [score]Kirsten Gillibrand [/score](D-N.Y. & Iran) and Rep. [score]Nancy Pelosi[/score] (D-CA), just to name a few.

Shultz has overcome movements to oust her before, and chances are she will survive this one. Whether or not she does, it’s going to be fun to watch, buy a big bag of popcorn for this one.