Guest Post by Joe Scudder

Amid all the craziness of the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, one might overlook the crazed ambitions of Democrats in Congress. But this latest attempt to give the TSA more power is too important to miss.

According to The Hill, Representatives Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) and Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.) have proposed a bill in Congress to give TSA agents the “right” to collective bargaining and the right not to be discriminated against on the basis of age or handicap.

As if the TSA didn’t have too much power already! Just this Christmas they gave themselves the power to deny passengers the right to opt out of their nudie scanners. Other than losing firearms and massively failing repeated tests of their abilities to find weapons, what is the TSA good for? They have never caught a terrorist.

Considering the ways they defy Congressional oversight, the TSA already exercises too much power and too many privileges.

The Democrats want more privileges for the TSA because the say they should get the same “rights” as other federal workers. Thompson said

We introduced the ‘Rights for Transportation Security Officers Act of 2016’ because we believe that the time has come for TSA’s personnel and labor management systems to be brought in line with the rest of the federal government under Title 5.

No, the federal workers should be stripped of their special status. Title 5 must be abolished. Then maybe they will learn they are not hired to view porn. They should simply get fired for this and other misbehavior. Instead, Congress has to pass a law to punish them for using the taxpayer to fund a porn habit. We can’t violate their “rights” by firing them for sloth if there is not legislation to justify it.

Really, the entire assumption behind conferring these “rights” on people is that the job is non-essential to the position. They don’t get paid to serve the public but the public slaves at normal jobs (where they don’t get special privileges) in order to pay federal workers. They are the new aristocracy with a “right” to their job at public expense.

Even the liberal Washington Post has run editorials calling for the abolition of the TSA, but Democrats in Congress see that as blasphemous. They know the people hate the TSA as an agency devoted to the humiliation and degradation of the American people. So, naturally the Democrats want more enhancements for their job. They want to give them more leverage to demand more pay. They want to give them “the ability to appeal issues to third-parties like the Merit Systems Protection Board.” That way, the next time a TSA agent is found to be tampering with the system to deliberately fondle sexually attractive passengers, it will be more difficult to fire him.

Truly, the politicians represent the parasite class, not working taxpayers trying to stay ahead of their bills. They care more about protecting the pay of tax feeders than making life easier for the rest of us. It isn’t hard to understand why: politicians are also tax feeders. They have a natural solidarity with fellow oppressors.

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