Earlier this month, House Republicans introduced HR 5, the Parents Bill of Rights, to protect parents’ right to know what is happening to their children in their schools.  Naturally, Democrats oppose that because they hate parents and want to keep our children stupid and indoctrinated with Marxist wokeism. Not one Democrat for the bill it passed in the House on Friday by a vote of 213-208.

“The Parents Bill of Rights has 5 pillars to ensure parents have the right to have a voice in their kids’ education: Right to know what’s being taught in schools and to see reading material; Right to be heard; Right to see school budget and spending; Right to protect their child’s privacy; [and] Right to be updated on any violent activity at school,” House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said.

The Committee on Education and the Work Force has created an excellent explanation of the bill.

The incentive to introduce the Parents Bill of Rights was described by Rep. Julia Letlow, R-La., who said: “I think the pandemic brought to light for a lot of us moms and dads, for the first time ever, we sat down and we saw what our children were being taught through the virtual classroom. And when we saw that, so many of us were disheartened with what we were viewing – and so then we did the right thing, right? We went to our school boards and voiced our displeasure, but we were turned away.”

Education and Labor Committee Chairwoman Virginia Foxx, R-N.C., explained her strong support for the bill, which will be referred to her committee, saying: “Parents have the right and responsibility to keep their children safe. This includes making decisions about life-altering medical treatments and interventions. Determining your child is not going to receive gender transition interventions is not abuse or neglect—it is a parent rightfully making a decision for his or her child. No system should remove a child, or investigate a family for abuse, based on this decision. Nor should a hospital or state be able to circumvent a parent’s right to decide whether his or her child should undergo gender-transition interventions.”

But Democrats went off the deep end, calling it “extreme” while falsely claiming it would terrorize teachers and kill students.

We’re not kidding.  Here are a few clips of their arguments as posted to Twitter:

Apparently, Jeffries thinks math, science, and reading are part of “the extreme MAGA Republican ideology.”


Take note, America.  THIS is the modern Democrat Party.  They hate you.  They hate your kids.  They want to keep your children stupid and would rather they be mutilated than educated.

Every single one of these demonic creatures needs to be beaten severely at the ballot box in 2024.

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