Democrats are on pace to destroy a huge portion of the fast-food industry in California with their destructive new $20 Minimum Wage law and now a 55-year-old Arby’s in Hollywood is the latest victim.

The 91-year-old owner of the franchise beef sandwich shop that opened in 1969 says that the $20 Minimum Wage law is the “final nail in the coffin” of his decades-old business.

Marilyn Leviton told KTLA-TV that her Arby’s has been on the brink of closing for years starting with Fauci’s unnecessary COVID lockdowns. Only the federal COVID relief kept her in business during the worst of the pandemic years.

Gary Husch, Leviton’s son-in-law and the general manager of the Hollywood location, agreed. He told the Los Angeles Times that the combined effects of inflation, the pandemic, and the latest draconian wage increase directly led to their decision to just close the business down.

“With inflation, food costs have skyrocketed and the $20-an-hour minimum wage has been the final nail in the coffin,” Husch said.

So far, the Democrats have caused at least ten thousand people to lose their fast-food jobs. And those jobs will not be coming back.

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