Trevor Noah, arguably the least funny man in America — who’s now quitting his far-left show no one watches — has a promo commercial running, whereupon he compares the millions of people waiting to see Queen Elizabeth’s coffin to “election lines in Georgia.”

Of course, there is zero truth to this absurd comparison, especially when purported shenanigans in Georgia were disproven the past two years and once-and-for-all last Friday when a federal court finally tossed out challenges to the state’s election laws, ending the faux controversy.

An Obama-appointed judge determined the Peach State law to be entirely constitutional, adding, “Plaintiffs have not provided direct evidence of a voter who was unable to vote, experienced longer wait times, was confused about voter registration status.”

So the “new confederacy” and “Jim Crow 2.0” — part of vile slander from President Joe Biden, noxious boycott that hurt working-class groups, contemptible media coverage, and condemnations from woke millionaires — apparently didn’t exist.

Legacy media predictably repeated the slurs, despite the law fitting within existing precedents of liberal bastions like Delaware and New York.

Now that laws enacted before and after the 2020 election are proven constitutional and challenges to them rejected, will there be an acknowledgment from the deceitful figures and outlets that deemed them “voter suppression”? No. Because earlier misleading coverage was exaggerated to brainwash low-information ESPN and Comedy Central viewers and gain progressive political power.

Stacy Abrams, the original election-denying conspiracy theorist, alleged the laws made it “harder to register, harder to stay registered, and ultimately harder to vote.”

A Democrat congressman in California called them “anti-American, racist, and a betrayal of our Constitution.” In contrast, insane publications like Vanity Fair called it “a broad, profoundly undemocratic assault on voting rights.”

Of course, it did not; Georgia hit near records this year, with 2 million voters participating in the May 24 primary contest, compared to only 1.2 million in 2018. Moreover, black turnout was 22% higher than in any primary election other than the 2020 presidential primary.

Now that such claims were actually subjected to legal review and disproven — the group that lost before the district court is associated with Abrams, who refused to concede her defeat to Gov. Brian Kemp four years ago and will lose again next month — the White House shrugged and refuses to address the debunked assertions.

That’s insulting when, for weeks, the disingenuous president sowed racial division by denouncing Georgia as taking us back to the Civil War. But this president often makes offensive claims.

The ruling came almost a year after Team Biden concocted another reprehensible ordeal.

Last fall, Biden and his race-baiting vice president rushed to falsely accuse U.S. border agents of whipping migrants from horses. Not waiting for any facts, Biden declared, “”It’s outrageous. I promise you, those people will pay.””

With no evidence but an open chance to bash America, the media complied. Promising a quick investigation, the Biden administration knew they had nothing, slow-walked the process, and recently cleared the agents of the allegation sans apology.

The usual retort of “but Trump” “doesn’t work on me as a consistent critic of the former president’s delusional actions. For all the hatred of Trump, however, Biden is a lousy liar and absolutely bigoted. At nearly age 80, he still will not apologize for openly misrepresenting the law with several false statements.

There is also silence from detestable corporations who boycott Georgia over election laws. Perhaps most egregious was Major League Baseball pulling the 2021 All-Star Game out of Atlanta and costing the state roughly $100 million.

MLB cowards, who never read the bill, nor care about facts, are now silent. I am sure Commissioner Rob Manfred and his left-wing allies in New York City have no idea what occurred and don’t care about their cruelty.

And for the minuscule Daily Show audience, it’s doubtful the millennial potheads and insular coastal elites care that Noah fell for the Georgia propaganda too.


Ari Kaufman is a veteran journalist who currently writes for a half-dozen newspapers, magazines, and websites, including here at The Lid